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CIT upgraded Confluence, the software that runs the wiki you are reading right now, to the latest version provided by atlassian, 3.0! This upgrade provides a lot of bug fixes, speed improvements, and new features. Here are just a few of the new features provided in the 3.0 upgrade:

Macro Browser

Confluence has always supported a wide range of advanced formatting options called macros. These could do things like make pretty charts, provide warning text with a red background, create a gallery of photos, excerpt text from other pages in the wikis, or create RSS feeds among other things. The problem with these macros was they were hard to discover and hard to see what your results might look like.

The Macro Browser changes all that, there is now a convenient button in the editor window that brings up a screen where you can browse, and search all available macros! Some of the macros also let you preview them live before inserting them into your page or blog post. Give it a try in your personal space!

Enhanced Profiles

User profiles can now contain a great deal more information. You can also enter a short "about me" section to quickly identify yourself and let people know who you are. The user profile page has also been overhauled with a nicer look that shows your recent activity and other pertinent details.

The extra profile functionality is great with the new Hover Profile feature.

Hover Profile

Whenever the wiki shows a link to a user, you can now hover your mouse over their username. This will bring up a box showing some basic information about the user and allowing you to follow them or visit their personal space.

User Statuses

You can now post a short 140 character status about what you are doing or things that interest you in your profile. Other community members will see this when they look at your profile or mouse over your name in the wiki.

Improved Rich Text Editor

The Rich text editor has had several enhancements. The most exciting enhancement is enabling a contextual menu for often used functions. For example, you can right click in a table to delete or insert cells. Try right clicking in the editor and accessing the new menu items to speed your formatting of wiki articles.

Please read the full release notes for a complete list of all the new features.