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Managed Software Center is an application, installed during the initial setup of your Mac, that delivers all standard software applications and settings configurations managed by CIT to your computer. You can access it any time from the Applications folder on your Mac.

Before You Start

Quick tour

  1. When you open Managed Software Center, you will land on the Software tab, which shows optional software packages that you can install on your Mac. These options vary by department; if you’d like to request software be made available via MSC in your department, please consult with your TSP.
  2. Additionally, there is a Categories tab that divides up available, optional software installs by category:
  3. Finally, the My Items tab shows you a list of optional software packages that you have already elected to install, with the option to remove each of them at any point, as well.
  4. The Updates tab, which we'll discuss in further detail below, is where you can manually check for any new updates to installed software, and where downloaded updates will show up as ready to be installed. This tab can include anything you opt to install from the previous three tabs, as well as software or settings that are installed by default on your Mac.

Problems and Feedback

Managed Software Center is pre-configured with many helpful links, available from the Software tab, that will let you report issues with the application (or software/settings it is trying to install) as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can also request additional software, report a problem in a computer lab, or provide feedback directly to CIT from this Quick Links section, as well.

Additionally, consulting with your TSP is a good way to escalate problems or provide feedback on Managed Software Center, or any of the software CIT offers through it.


  1. When Managed Software Center detects that there are software or settings updates to install on your computer, the application will launch automatically and present the updates as ready to be installed. 
  2. These updates have been field-tested by CIT before being made available to your Mac to ensure that updates will install and function properly.
  3. This is what the application will look like when updates are available:
  4. Clicking the Update button (or Update All if there are multiple updates available) will, of course, install the updates. This always requires you to log out of your Mac to complete the installations, so remember to save your work before updating.
  5. CIT will push urgently-needed updates immediately, but more routine updates will be scheduled for specific times of the week, in an effort to make MSC as minimally-invasive on your daily work activities as possible.

Occasionally, updates will require a machine restart to install.

More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, visiting us in Milne Library, or visiting our online service desk.