CIT deploys an app to campus-owned macOS computers called Nudge, which is designed to remind users to install critical macOS security patches in a timely manner. This article explains what a Nudge prompt looks like to update macOS, and how to go about installing the update.

Do I need to Upgrade to macOS Ventura?

Upgrading to macOS Ventura is not currently mandatory. Apple is currently providing security patches for its last three operating system versions, and Nudge will only require updating to the latest secure version of your currently-installed macOS. If you're having trouble locating the security update for your macOS version, please reference Step 2A below.

This table outlines the required version and install date for each supported macOS version, and is updated each time Apple releases new security updates.

If your computer uses...Your required version is...Update release dateUpdate deadline
macOS 11 (Big Sur)11.7.4



macOS 12 (Monterey)12.6.3


macOS 13 (Ventura)13.2.1



  1. When Nudge prompts you to install a macOS security update, you will see a window similar to the screenshot below. Click the blue Update Device button.
  2. You will be taken to System Preferences, where the security update will either need to be downloaded for install (the button will read Update Now), or will already be downloaded and ready to install (the button will read Restart Now):
    1. If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version of macOS, you will be give the option to upgrade. Click the More Info link to find the latest update to your currently-installed macOS version
    2. Click the Upgrade Now button if you'd like to upgrade to the newest version of macOS.
  3. When you are ready to install the update, click the Update Now or Restart Now button to begin.


  • Customers with newer Macs that have M1 processors will be prompted to enter an administrator password to install the update; please see Using the Privileges app to gain temporary administrative rights on your Apple computer to learn how to gain administrator rights, if needed
  • Updates typically take 20 minutes to download (depending on network speed) and another 20-30 minutes to install. Please budget your time accordingly.
  • As a CIT-defined deadline to install a macOS update approaches, Nudge will become increasingly persistent until the update is installed.
  • To minimize disruption during lectures, presentations, and meetings, Nudge will not interrupt active Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Keynote windows.

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  1. If "Nudge will not interrupt active Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft PowerPoint windows," will it interrupt Keynote windows?  These are Macs, and that software is a native option.  

    1. It won't now! Keynote has been added to the list of applications that Nudge will not interrupt until an install deadline has passed. Thank you for the feedback!