Information about ordering Toshiba Multifunction Device (MFD) supplies such as toner, staples, and recycling boxes.

Before you Start


Paper can be acquired by emailing or calling the office of Procurement and Property Control Services.


Staples are not included in our service and supplies contract with Toshiba. You will need to contact Toshiba and order replacement staples. 


Auto Toner Replenishment

All Toshiba MFDs are configured to automatically order replacement toner cartridges when a toner cartridge on a device runs low. When a Toshiba MFD reaches 20% or less remaining toner an alert is automatically sent to the Supply Team at Toshiba. 

When you receive this toner replacement, please hold on to it until the Toshiba copier prompts for replacement. Doing this will ensure you get the maximum amount of use out of your toner cartridges. If you do not receive your cartridge promptly, you must call Toshiba at the number listed below to resolve the shipping issue.

Replacing the Used Toner Container

Occasionally the container that catches excess toner becomes full and needs to be replaced. Replacement toner containers have a guide on how to perform the replacement on the outside of the replacement container box.

Copier ModelWaste Toner Container Model

eStudio 2000AC

eStudio 2555C
eStudio 3005AC
eStudio 3505AC
eStudio 4505AC
eStudio 5506ACT
eStudio 6506ACT

Waste toner containers can be picked up from the Duplicating Center in the basement of Welles Hall Rm. 13. Waste toner containers can also be ordered from Toshiba in advance following the instructions below.


Toshiba currently offers free recycling for Toshiba, HP, or Encompass branded toner. Toshiba will supply large pre-paid shipping boxes, capable of recycling 10-13 cartridges, at no cost. Toshiba branded toner may also be recycled at the Duplicating Center in the basement of Welles Hall Rm. 13.


  1. Call 1-800-727-4264
  2. Follow the prompts for supplies and service.
  3. Ask the representative for the desired item: toner, waste toner container, recycling box, or staples. 
  4. Provide the serial number of your MFD to the customer service representative. The serial number can be found on a label located on the front of the device, next to phone number listed in step 1. 
  5. Your supplies should be delivered in 2-3 business days.
    1. If there is an urgent need Toshiba can provide overnight delivery
  6. For items such as spent toner cartridges that need to be returned to Toshiba:
    1. Seal the box.
    2. Affix the shipping label that comes with the box.
    3. Contact Central Receiving to have the item picked up.

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