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How to perform basic functions and common tasks on Toshiba Multifunction Devices (MFD)

Basic Functions

How to copy

  1. Hold your ID Card or fob near the ID Card reader (if necessary).
  2. Press the Copy icon on the LCD screen or press the House key then press the Copy icon on the LCD screen.
  3. Press the number under Set in the upper right hand corner of the LCD screen, then use the on-screen number pad to enter the number of copies, then press OK.
  4. Press the Green start button to begin copying.

How to scan a document to PDF and send via E-Mail

  1. Hold your ID Card or fob near the ID Card reader (if necessary).
  2. Press the Scan icon on the LCD screen or press the House key then press the Scan icon on the LCD screen.
  3. Press the E-mail button on the touch screen.
  4. Press the number pad icon on the touch screen.
  5. Enter in email address on the touch screen, then press OK.
  6. Press OK.
  7. Insert document into the auto feeder (text facing up) or on the flatbed (text facing down).
  8. Press the Green start button on the keypad or the Green Scan button on the touch screen.
  9. The copier will now scan all pages in the auto feeder or prompt for additional pages if using the flatbed.
             a. If using the flatbed, press Job Finish if no more pages.
             b. If scanning additional pages, place them on the flatbed and press Green Scan on the touch screen or the Green start button on the keypad.
             c. When finished scanning additional pages, press Job Finish on the touch screen.
  10. Press the Access key on the keypad and select Yes on the touch screen to logout or wait 45 seconds.
  11. The scanned document should show up in your email inbox shortly.

Adding or removing users from the address book on a Toshiba MFD

Depending on how your copier is configured, you may have to hold your ID Card or fob near the proximity ID Card reader or manually enter in your username and password on the display to proceed. 

  1. Select the User Functions button on the copier key pad. 
  2. On the User Functions menu select Address.
  3. Please follow one or both of the steps below to make changes.

To add a user to the Address Book

  1. On the Address Book screen, select an empty numbered box or use the down arrow to scroll to an empty numbered box. 
  2. Select the empty box. It will highlight in blue when selected.
  3. Once selected, the Entry button on the lower portion of the screen will light up.
  4. Select the Entry button.  
  5. On the Address Book Registration screen you will need to enter in First Name, Last Name and an email address.
  6. Please select each option individually and enter in the appropriate information selecting the OK option when complete. 
  7. Once you have entered data into all three fields, select OK on the Address Book Registration menu. 
  8. At this point you can either select another blank entry space and enter in a second user or click Close.
  9. Click Close on the User Functions Screen.
  10. To test the address book entry, you can now go to the Scan option and proceed as normal.

To remove a user from the Address Book

  1. On the Address Book screen, scroll and find your user.
  2. Select the user so the name is highlighted in blue.
  3. At the bottom of the Address Book menu, select the Delete button.
  4. When prompted, select the Yes option. 
  5. The user is now deleted.

Contacting Toshiba

For additional assistance with operating the copier or the following issues, Toshiba can be contacted directly via phone (1-800-727-4264). You will need the serial number of the device which is found on a label on the front of the copier.

  • Ordering staples
  • Scheduling training on specialty features 
  • Poor print quality
  • Broken or inoperable hardware 
  • Repeated paper jams

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For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.