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Total Professional Staff: 32 full-time

CIO/Director, 2 Secretaries: 3 full-time

 Systems & Networking: 7 full-time

Support Services: 8 full-time

Information Systems: 9 full-time

Educational Technology: 5 full-time

New Hires

Casey Babcock, January 2015

Nicholas Hardy, January 2015




Nik Varrone promoted from SL-3 Technology Support Professional to SL-4 Senior Desktop Services Analyst, January 2015

Steve Praino promoted from SL-3 Technology Support Specialist to SL-4 Senior Desktop Services Analyst, January 2015

Craig Moscicki, promoted from SL-3 Systems Analyst to SL-4 Senior Systems Analyst, May 2015


Gary Stratton, December 2014


Andy Camidge, September 2014

Michele Messenger, June 2015

John King, July 2015

Gang Wang, August 2015


Steve Praino's position was moved to the Support Services group from the Instructional Technologies group, December 2014

Desktop Services team within Support Services established, January 2015

Justin Hugg - Web Developer, June 2015

Instructional Technologies renamed Educational Technology, July 2015

Laurie Fox - Assistant Director and Manager Educational Technology, July 2015

Nik Varrone - Support Services Manager, July 2015

Kirk Anne - Alternate Title - Research Technologist (40%), July 2015

Shawn Plummer - supervisory responsibility for Systems Analyst and Senior Systems Analyst, July 2015

Rick Coloccia - supervisory responsibility for Network Analysts (2), July 2015


CIT ORG Chart July 2015.pdf



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