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Slack is a team communication tool available to employees of the college. You can read a nice features overview (we have a standard paid plan) of the product, or just follow the instructions here to get up and running right away. Also check out all their help.

Get setup

Geneseo account holders can sign up for slack at

Download the app for your platform. Geneseo Mac users can use CIT Self Service to quickly install the slack app.  Users with non-geneseo computers or on other platforms should download the app for your laptop and mobile device.

Upload a profile picture

Don't forget to upload your profile photo! (slack also supports gravatar). Profile photos make Slack more personal and aid everyone in easily seeing who they are chatting with.

Make sure your working hours are set

By default alerts are silenced outside of your working hours, make sure yours are correct. Pay attention to the time zone! Some people have reported slack setting their working hours to Pacific Time when they are first setup.

Start using it

We have several channels already created for various discussions. Feel free to ask questions and discuss whatever you like! 


This article offers great etiquette information: If you've never used a chat application at work before, start here!


Please check Slack's excellent help to see if your question is answered by them or ask in the #help-slack channel. How to browse and join channels

Why is it Awesome?


You can use the @ symbol and then a person's name to let them know you need their expertise or invite them into a discussion. @channel will notify everyone in the channel. @here will notify people present in the room. 

Be sure to customize your desktop, mobile, and email notifications to your liking.

Be careful about the #announcements channel. Everyone is in there!

Chat is persistent

This means if you join a room or a conversation late you can still see what transpired before you were there getting up to speed fast.

Create Channels for group chat

Please read and abide by our slack channel naming guidelines

Channels are a great way to get a group of people together to talk about something. They are also a great place to ask a question if you aren't sure who you should ask. Systems has a channel where you can send a message to all of the Systems team at once, and, unlike email, we all will get to see the response to know whether someone has responded. 

If you want to leave a channel use the gear icon.

Be careful when leaving a channel because it will make @channel and @here no longer notify you. If you leave a private channel you will need someone in the channel to re-invite you to it to join again.

Complete searchable chat history

You can search the chat history for any conversation or room.


Share pdfs, images, and other files with quick drag and drop file sharing. The Google Drive integration makes collaboration even easier!

Video chat with screen sharing

Need to have a quick meeting? Try using video chat with screen sharing.

Access it from anywhere

There is a great web interface, as well as desktop clients for Mac, Windows, Linux and apps for iOS and Android. Download the client for your OS.

Lots of other features!

Format your messages, set reminders for you a channel or someone else, add custom emoji, pin important information, integrate calendar, make slackbot respond to specific phrases.

More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.