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It is important when working with students to correctly identify the student's identity. How do you determine a person is a Geneseo student? How do you uniquely identify a person within various campus information systems like Banner? Searching for students by name presents challenges. Geneseo frequently has students with similar first and last names. Geneseo's policy allowing students to select a preferred name presents additional challenges.

Recommended Procedures for Verifying Student Identity and Locating Student Records within Banner

  1. If your purpose requires you to determine the student’s official name, then refer to the name on the back of the card labeled “official name of record”.  Old ID cards will display only the official name on the front of the card.
  2. If your purpose simply requires verifying the student as a legitimate cardholder, you can simply refer to the front of the ID card.
    1. Geneseo honors the student's chosen identity whenever the official name is not required.
    2. Example:  Providing a student access to recreational or athletic venues and campus events does not typically require a person to know the student's official name. They just need to know the student has an official Geneseo ID card.
  3. When searching for a student in Banner forms, your first option should be to retrieve the student’s record using their Gnumber (e.g. G00123456) or username (e.g. pmj123). These values will uniquely identify a student and most students know one of these items. This approach prevents problems that can occur due to preferred names or students with similar first and last names (e.g. multiple John Smiths).
    1. The Banner username search option was added 8/26/15.
  4. If you do find it necessary to search for a student by name in Banner forms, you should reference the official name of record from the back of the ID card whenever possible. 
    1. Whenever searching by name, you should take additional steps to confirm that you have the correct student (i.e. the right John Smith). Verify other information with the student (e.g. address, etc.) to make you have the correct record.
    2. We have also implemented a “Preferred Name” alternate name, which works for searching. Once a record is selected, their official name is displayed in the ID block of the form.

Preferred Names

What does "Preferred Name" mean?  Geneseo is implementing a Preferred Name policy on campus for students. This initiative is being piloted during the Fall 2015 semester for 8-15 students. Students will be able to select a preferred first and/or middle name that will be used on campus for various “inward facing or on-campus” services including:

Students can optionally request an ID Card with their preferred name. Their preferred name will be displayed on the front of the card. Their official name will be displayed on the back of the card. This approach allows us to honor the student’s chosen identity while still making the official name available when needed.

Note that some of the procedures on this page are specific to Banner while others have general application using Student ID card to verify identities.

More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.