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What is JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk is the quickest and best way to ask for assistance from CIT. We have replaced all our forms scattered throughout our website with one easy to use portal that lets you request help, track your requests, and see all your past and current requests. Login to our customer portal and get started today! The rest of this page will you give you an overview of how to use the new customer portal.

Using Service Desk

We have a short video giving an overview of how customers can interact with and use Service Desk. 

Interface Overview

Main Screen

  1. This link is present on all screens and takes you back to this screen: the top level Service Desk interface.
  2. Takes you to the list of your requests.
  3. This will search for relevant help to your request.
  4. Takes you the specific Service Desk, in this case, the CIT Service Desk.

CIT Service Desk

  1. Clicking this will take you back to the Main Screen
  2. This lists all the categories of requests you can make in this Service Desk. 
  3. Click any of the specific request titles to be taken to the form for that request type. You will see form fields specific to the request type you have selected.

My Requests

  1. Searches all requests currently shown by the drop down menu. This is either All requestsOpen Requests, or Closed requests.
  2. Changes which requests are shown. This is either All requestsOpen Requests, or Closed requests.
  3. Under this are all requests you have created, or have been created with you as the reporter.
  4. Under this are all requests that you have been added to as a participant.
  5. Clicking the Title of a request takes you to the request where you can see all it's activity, details, and the original request.
  6. This shows the current status of the request. This is usually either Waiting for Support or Waiting for Customer.
    1. Waiting for support means that CIT should be getting back to you about your request soon.
    2. Waiting for Customer means that CIT needs more information from you to proceed with your request.
  7. Shows the Date and the type of activity that last occurred on this request.

A Service Desk Request

  1. The title of the request and its current status: usually either Waiting for support or Waiting for Customer.
  2. Typing in here and pressing the Add button will comment on your request. This will send your comment to CIT and change the status of the request to Waiting on Support.
  3. This shows all activity and comments that have been made on this request since it was created.
  4. This area shows the details of the original request. You cannot edit these details, but CIT can, so if something should be changed, just add a comment.
  5. People involved shows all the people involved with your request. This is usually just you or sometimes you and your manager or someone that needs to approve some portion of the request.
  6. Clicking this will let you add people to the request. They will receive all updates about this request. Useful when your request applies to more than one person or someone else wants to keep updated about this request.
  7. These links will let you Add a comment or an attachment to your request.

External Resources

More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.