This workflow describes how to create lectures from PowerPoint for sharing in Canvas.


  1. Creating videos from PowerPoint
    1. Record a slide show with narration and slide timing
    2. Save a presentation as a movie file or MP4
    3. (updated link for Windows) Record presentations with narration and slide timing
    4. (updated link for Windows) Save presentation as a video. 
      1. If you are recording audio and/or annotations in your presentation, be sure to select the option to “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” when exporting a video
  2. How to upload a video to YouTube
    1. Each Canvas course shell is limited to 1GB. This could easily be taken up by one video. For this reason we strongly recommend using a video hosting site such as YouTube to host videos you wish to share with your class. Additionally, YouTube’s auto captioning feature will help ensure your material is ADA compliant.
    2. You can use your Geneseo account to upload and manage videos: YouTube Upload Videos
  3. How to create a Page within Canvas
    1. Once you have a YouTube video you will want to share it with your students. By embedding the video into a Canvas page you can both contextualize the video by providing further commentary regarding its content. Additionally this prevents students from being sent directly to YouTube where they are more likely than not to be distracted by content other than the material you are providing them.
    2. What are pages?
    3. How do I create Pages within a course? 
    4. How to embed a video in a Canvas Page 

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