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Question Groups

Canvas Question Groups are easily created at the time a quiz is created. Question Groups are required for randomizing questions and the delivery of a subset of questions (ex. randomly deliver 25 of 50 questions in the group). Question Groups are easily linked to additional quizzes within a course and copied from one Canvas course to another. 

Question Banks

Canvas Question Banks can be created within a course or at the Academic Departmental Account-level and repository for quiz/exam questions. Question Banks within a course allow Instructors advanced question delivery options on quizzes/exams in the same manner as Question Groups. Questions Banks created at the Academic Departmental Account level (ex. Biology, History, English etc.) can be shared across the department to offer the same evaluation to students in different courses. For example, if the English department offers several courses to teach basic grammar rules to students, the department can create an account level question bank. Question Banks at the Academic Departmental level are often tied to Outcomes and used for Institutional assessment.

Canvas Import Content screen highlighting default question bank options

Question Banks are also auto-created within a Canvas course when an instructor imports a myCourses course file or publisher resource file containing quizzes/exams. Instructors can opt to add questions from the import file to existing course question banks or create a new bank with an appropriate title. (Note: if you don't add a title to the new bank it will appear as "unidentified") Question Banks can easily be copied from one Canvas course to another.  

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