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CIT Mission and Goals

CIT Priorities 2014 - 2015

CIT Priorities 2015 - 2016

Curriculum and Assessment

Assessment 2015 

Notable Accomplishments

Accomplishments 2014 - 2015

Diversity Plan

Goal 2) Recruit, support and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and administration

In January 2015, CIT conducted two searches. Our positions were advertised in the HR approved locations. Our candidate pools were diverse and one search resulted in hiring a racially diverse person. In the past, the Affirmative Action Officer had supplied us with contact information of persons who may be able to connect our positions with diverse applicants. The list is so out-of-date it is unusable. I would like to see someone work to create these lists of contacts for searches. 

Goal 3) Make international learning, experiences and perspectives important components of a Geneseo education

CIT is a service organization that supports faculty in their teaching and learning. Technology is a tool that can help with international learning experiences. CIT has supported Meredith Harrigan with her course that connects with students in another country.

Other College Strategic Goals

CIT Actions within the past year that support or promote the following college goals.

  • International and global learning
    • Technical assistance for videoconferencing with other countries.

  • Admissions practices and student support
    • Admissions Profile

      • Provides Enrollment Services administrators  and Admissions counselors with dashboard of key statistics related to application processing.

  • Civic engagement
  • Digital and data analysis learning
  • Sustainability


A pressing need is to be able to attract and hire qualified people for CIT positions. We currently have three vacancies. 

Lifecycle equipment replacement is also a pressing problem. In the past ten years we have had quite a bit of building and renovations that all have networking, audio visual and instructional technology. All this equipment was bought with  capital funding and the has a lifecycle of three to seven years. CIT's budget was not adjusted to handle these replacements. We are currently in a bind with the wireless network. Our vendor has end-of-life for a particular wireless access point that we have deployed widely. We have until October 2016 to replace over 850 access points that cost approximately $500 each. We purchased some in the 14-15 fiscal year, will purchase more in the 15-16 fiscal year and more in early 16-17 fiscal year. With spreading the cost over three fiscal years this is still going to take about $150K each year and this is a large piece of our budget.

Growth. Growth is one of those things that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Our communities use of Internet bandwidth increases every year. There is a cost to keep increasing and managing more Internet bandwidth. CIT does its best to secure the best price for this service. Storage is an issue because people don't delete files they don't need. Moving to Google Gmail for email has alleviated the need for email storage. Google Apps for Education unlimited Google Drive storage has also been helpful. Despite these off loading of storage, the amount of space our community is using continues to grow. It has been difficult to control growth in the number of computers on campus. CIT is very strict about taking away a computer when a new one has been purchase. We are too often asked if the older computer can be kept but the answer is usually no. 




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