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Self Help - Printing Refund Requests

Students can request printing refunds within 24 hours of printer error using the process below. Note that the refund will go into your printing allocation and not be refunded in cash.

Below are examples for when to request a refund:

  • Paper jam
  • Print quality issues
  • Printer malfunction

Below are examples for when a refund will not be issued:

  • Printed the same document multiple times
  • Printed the wrong document
  • Printed a slide per page when you intended to print multiple slides to a page
  • Printed to color when you intended to print black and white
  • Requests submitted with no reason
  • Requests entered more than 24 hours past the print job submission

Here is how to place a printing refund request:

  1. Log in to the user web interface at using your Geneseo username and password.
  2. Click on the "Recent Print Jobs" link located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Locate the failed print job on the Recent Print Jobs page. Remember that you only have 24 hours to submit a refund request.
  4. Click the "Request Refund" link.
  5. Enter a reason. You must enter a reason for successful submission.
  6. Click Send.


  • All refund requests will be reviewed by the administrator.
  • Once the request is sent, a printing administrator is notified. They will review the given information and approve or deny the request as needed.

Increasing Printing Account Balance

When your balance reaches zero, you can no longer print to student access printers. Students can increase their printing account balance on the web at at with a credit card or by going to the Student Accounts Office, Erwin 103, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm. The minimum increase is $5.

More Help
For questions about printing or other computer related problems, contact the CIT HelpDesk. Stop by Milne Library, send email to or call 245-5588.