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This page describes how a new student sets up their Geneseo account.

Steps To Set Up Your Account

Geneseo sends an automated email to the email address you provided on your application when your Geneseo account has been created.  Once you receive that email you can follow the steps listed below to access and set up your new Geneseo account.

  1. Login to using your G# and PIN using the following link:
    User Login Panel

    Have you have forgotten your Knightweb G# or PIN? Perhaps you have not received them yet. If so, click the "Forgot My User Id (G#) or PIN" link to use the Knightweb PIN Recovery Tool.

  2. The first time you login to knightweb you will have a few steps to complete:
    1. Change your PIN.  
      Login Verification Change Pin panel
    2. Complete the Acceptable Usage page.
      Terms of Usage Window
    3. Complete the self-service Question/Answer page that can be used later if you need to reset you PIN
      Change Security Question
  3. Complete the Geneseo Code of Conduct page.
    Geneseo Code of Conduct panel
  4. Set Your Recovery Email
    1. The Recovery Email gives you a method to reset your Geneseo account password or your Knightweb PIN. 
    2. The recovery email defaults to the email you provided on your application.
      Set Your Recovery Email Panel
  5. Set/Change Your Geneseo Account Password:
    1. You will be presented with a page that shows your:
      1. Geneseo username and email address.
      2. Default password for your Geneseo account.
      3. Instructions for logging into your Geneseo account and setting your password.
        Change Geneseo Account Password Panel
        Reset Password Panel
    2. Login to by clicking the link on the "Account Setup" page and logging in using your Geneseo username and default password.
    3. After logging in you will be notified your password has expired and you will be guided through changing your password.
    4. Go back to the Knightweb User Id /Password Notification page and press the Proceed button.  You will see a pop-up asking you to confirm you are ready to proceed.
  6. (Optionally) Provide an email address for your parent(s) so they can receive communications about campus activities and stay informed.
    Family Contact Survey
  7. You should end up on the Knightweb main menu.  At this point your account is ready for use.


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For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.