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Before you start

Geneseo is part of the SUNY Partnership Microsoft Campus Agreement for Microsoft Office. As a current Geneseo student, faculty or staff member, you can download and install a free copy of the Microsoft Office suite. (This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher [Windows only], Access [Windows only], Outlook, and OneNote). You can install Office 365 on up to five computers (macOS or Windows) and up to five mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). 

What happens when my account is removed?

If or when you retire, graduate, or if your SUNY Geneseo account is removed, you will need to purchase Microsoft Office on your own. When the subscription expires, Office software applications will enter read-only mode, which means that you can view or print existing documents, but you can’t edit them or create new ones. To return to full Office functionality, you can purchase a subscription to Office by visiting Microsoft 365. You could also use Office Online for free when you create a personal Microsoft account.

Download and Install Office 365 Apps

  1. Follow the installation documentation provided by Microsoft.

  2. Once downloaded and installed you will need to sign-in with your Geneseo email and password to activate Microsoft Office, no product key required! Simply open one of the Office apps to do so.

How to Use Office 365 Online

  1. Sign-in at
  2. Select Start new or choose the application you want to open. 

What to Do When Your Operating System is Not Supported

Microsoft Office 365 supports installation on the following operating system versions:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • macOS 10.15, 10.14, 10.13 (Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra)

For Students and Faculty/Staff with Personally Owned non-Geneseo Computers

If the installer tells you that your operating system is too old, you will need to upgrade your OS to a supported version (preferably the latest version). Both Microsoft and Apple have instructions on how to do so:

For Faculty/Staff Geneseo Owned Computers

If you have a computer provided by the college, upgrading your Operating System is quick and easy. Visit the page Upgrading Your Operating System for more information, in most cases the installation will take less than an hour, so make sure to run it when you won't need your computer immediately.  

If you are having trouble upgrading your Operating System, please contact your TSP for assistance.

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More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.