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One Button Studio (South 344)

The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience. The design of the studio allows you to create high-quality and polished video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras. You only need to bring your flash drive with you and push a single button. -Penn State 

September 2016- May 2017: 109 scheduled hours of use

During the Fall of 2015 CIT’s Instructional Support Specialist took a road trip to Penn State to meet with the creators of the 
One Button Studio in hopes of leveraging the technology for use here at Geneseo. During the Spring of 2016 CIT’s Instructional Support Specialist began installation of Geneseo’s own OBS. Before the end of the Summer it was finished and ready for it’s Grand Opening in mid October. Since its implementation it has seen use by many students and a handful of faculty and staff to create a variety of video based projects. By visiting a Google Calendar on CIT’s page one can schedule an appointment to use the room, which they can then access using their Geneseo ID.

Kimberly Willis had this to say about her use of the OBS:

I cannot say enough how impressed I was with the ease of use for that technology. We were so afraid we were going to mess things up, but your instructions were very clear and simple and we felt like we had really done something awesome (pushing the button) because of the excellent results. Now mind you we had several takes, which is no fault of the technology (smile), but the ability to do retakes was awesome! What I like is once you know what to do and NOT do, the room is not intimidating...we were very comfortable with the experience and I cannot thank you enough for that space and technology. I am ready to make a new video!

Celia Easton added, “...[we] thought that was very user friendly and inspiring. Support from Joe Dolce rounded out our experience. 

Diving Coach, Shawn Austin had this to say about his use of the OBS:

I’ve been the Diving Coach here for 10 years and I’ve presented at the swimming and diving banquet every year. This year I could not be at our banquet. The One Button studio provided a way for me to create a presentation for our team to show in my absence. Joe was instrumental in helping me produce that presentation. I was told by most of our team that the presentation was the highlight of the banquet, they absolutely LOVED IT! Rather than just speaking on stage with notes in hand, I was also able to incorporate, video clips, pictures and effects that really made the presentation a lot more entertaining. I’ve also been told that the banquet just won’t be the same if I don’t do it every year now.

Dennis Showers of the School of Education had this to say about his students’ experiences with the OBS:

"I used the OBS with my CURR 316 class in spring semester. Joe was very helpful with orienting students to the facility and they were able to use it without any additional intervention on my part. The videos were exactly  what I was looking for with the project when I assigned it and I plan to use the assignment again  and in fact generate some other assignments taking advantage of this opportunity. In addition, I plan to use it this summer and into the next academic year to record some of my own presentations.

Jim Williams of the History department made use of the OBS when unable to physically attend class. This is what he had to say regarding his use:

"The One-Button Studio is a campus resource which makes the creation of class videos virtually foolproof, even for people like myself who have not bothered to keep up with techno-trends!  All users need do is reserve the time, show up, put a thumb drive into the appropriate slot, push a button to start the recording, hit a button to stop, wait for the video material to be processed and downloaded onto the thumb drive, and leave!  The sound and picture quality are quite good.  It is a great tool for when faculty must miss classes but want to keep up with their syllabi!"

Newton Recording Studio (Newton 122)

September 2016- May 2017: 134 scheduled hours of use

With a need for an area in which to train Faculty in the use of screen capturing and AV manipulation software (Camtasia, GarageBand, and Audacity for example) CIT’s Instructional Support Specialist designed and installed a simple setup consisting of a 27” iMac, a Yeti microphone, and sound dampening foam in an old control room in the basement of Newton Hall (Room 122) that provides Geneseo community members a safe space to easily create and manipulate AV materials. In the (nearly) one year since scheduling for the room was posted to CIT’s page we have had 134 hours of scheduled time in the studio by various faculty, staff, and students. While not as simple as the One Button Studio in use, it allows for a great deal more flexibility in creation and outcomes. The primary limitation to this lab is that hallway/bathroom and air handling noises can negatively impact audio recording in this location. The intermittent interruptions can be a frustrating obstacle.

Bonnie Stubblefield had this to contribute regarding her use of the Newton Recording Studio

"I spoke with Joe about recording a makeup demonstration so that I could post it on Canvas for my Stage Makeup class. He set me up with the recording booth. He taught me how to use it, and how to use Camtasia to edit, then post. I have a lot to learn and realized this was a project I would need to utilize more in the future in preparation for the class, but it is an excellent tool. It would be nice if it was more accessible, maybe ID accessible, but the setup is great.  Being able to use this in the classes I teach, which are heavily dependent on demonstrations, is great. It is hard for the students to absorb everything from watching once. Being able to post a version let’s them access it again in total or just the part they need help with. I’m planning on using this tool more in the future, and hopefully with increased experience more effectually."