The SUNY implementation of Brightspace is well underway, and nearly 30 campuses will offer their courses in Brightspace in the upcoming summer session. 

Geneseo's implementation of Brightspace is scheduled to begin in early September 2022, with most of the early work done behind the scenes to prepare the environment for our courses, faculty, and students. Faculty will continue to use Canvas through Fall 2022 and have a choice of Canvas or Brightspace in Spring 2023. Starting in Summer 2023 all courses will be in Brightspace.

The SUNY Center for Professional Development recently launched their DLE training. If you would like to learn more about Brightspace this summer, consider registering for a webinar ( or watching a recording of previous sessions ( CIT Instructional Designers are also developing self-paced learning pathways and in-person training to be offered next fall. Faculty have a choice of the training modalities they prefer. 

CIT has been participating in these webinars and a demo version of Brightspace. We are excited to share some of the features we know you'll like in Brightspace:

  • The Quick Eval Dashboard - Brightspace's grading app
  • A grade book with more options for grade calculation 
  • A clean student interface to review assignment feedback
  • New quiz features including releasing quiz question feedback after the availability ends and partial credit in quiz answers
  • Advanced video features including auto-generated captions, simple video editing, chapter markers, and searchable captions

We are also exploring features that are different from Canvas:

  • Discussion boards require class forums
  • Themes must be applied to pages to ensure they are responsive on mobile devices
  • How external apps (LTIs) integrate with Brightspace

When you return to campus in the fall, we will be ready to begin! Look for announcements regarding demos and an invitation to our project kick-off events. For up to date information on Geneseo’s DLE project, please bookmark this wiki page. ( If you have any questions, or would like to participate in local planning and implementation, please contact me.

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