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Self Help - Mailman Administrator FAQ

What is Mailman?
Mailman is a web-based, automated mailing list manager. Mailman lists are a fast and convenient way to provide subscribers with information and discuss topics of mutual interest. List administrators can control many options of the list through the web.

How do I change my administrative password for my list?
Using a web browser, go to the administrative page of your mailing list. The website address (URL) for your site would be At the administrative page, click on Passwords. Then enter your new password and click "Submit Your Changes".

How do I subscribe member(s) to my mailing list?
Go to your mailing list administrative page, click on Membership Management and then Mass Subscription. In the text box below "Enter one address per line below..." enter the full email address (e.g. of a new subscriber and hit "Submit Your Changes". You may subscribe more than one person at a time by hitting enter to add a new line between the addresses.

How do I unsubscribe a member?
Go to your mailing list administrative page then click on Membership Management. Find the address of the member you want to remove and UNCHECK the subscr box to the right of the email address. Then scroll to bottom of the page and hit submit.

What do I do when I receive an administrative request in my e-mail?
A website address is e-mailed to you with each request. You can click on the URL or copy and paste it into a web browser. From there, you must enter your administrative password and review the message in question. You may approve, deny, or discard the messages waiting.

Important Categories


General Options Basic

setup options for list

Membership Management

Add/Remove list members

Privacy Options Setup

public/private options for the list

Tend to administrative

Requests Approve/Reject/Discard held messages

More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.