What is KnightWeb?

KnightWeb is the Banner Web Self-Service student information system which provides students and faculty with access to registration, courses, final grades, unofficial transcripts, financial aid, student bills, personal information, campus mailbox/combination, and more. Alumni can use the system to review their academic records and request official transcripts.

Login Issues

Blank Page

  • When you go to https://knightweb.geneseo.edu you see a blank page like this:
  • This can be caused by the Adblock and uBlock Origin add-ons. Disabling the add-on for the page and then reload.

Immediately Redirected to Logout

  • Immediately after logging into KnightWeb using your Geneseo username and password, you receive the following message:

  • This normally occurs when the user's KnightWeb account is locked. The Office of the Registrar (585-245-5566) or the CIT HelpDesk/CIT Information Systems Team (585-245-5588) can unlock KnightWeb accounts via the Banner GOATPAC form.

Stop  Authorization Failure - Invalid User ID or PIN.

  • Verify your User ID is Correct

  • Verify that you are using the correct PIN

    • Your initial PIN is generally your birthdate in MMDDYY format. If you were born on January 31st, 1990, your initial PIN would be:  013190

    • You are required to change your PIN when you login for the first time.

    • Reset your PIN

  • You click to Login, but the login page just re-displays

    • Go to https://knightweb.geneseo.edu/banweb/twbkwbis.P_Logout to make sure you're logged out of KnightWeb. Then try logging in again.

    • KnightWeb has two login options: G#/PIN and Geneseo Network Username/Password

    • If you login via the Username/password option and do not logout and then try to logging in later via the "Login using G#/PIN (Applicants, Alumni)" link, you may experience this problem. 

    • You can avoid this problem by using one of the options consistently. We recommend that students and staff login to KnightWeb through myGeneseo or by clicking the link shown below: 

    • If you want to continue using the G#/PIN login option, you can correct the problem by logging in one time via Username/Password and then logging out. This should clear out the session "cookies" and correct the problem.

  • You are a College Employee

    • Go to https://knightweb.geneseo.edu

    • Click the "Login with Geneseo username and password" link.

    • Login using your Geneseo username and password. For example, if your Geneseo email is: smithr@geneseo.edu, your username would be: smithr

How do I get a KnightWeb Account?

  • Faculty: Account is automatically created for new faculty and advisors when they are setup in Banner.
  • Applicants/Students: Account is created by Admissions at time of admission to the college.  
    • Any student who takes courses at Geneseo retains their KnightWeb account forever.
    • Alumni and former students can contact the Office of the Registrar to get assistance.
  • Staff: Generally do not receive accounts. Some groups (such as Residence Life Staff and Department Secretaries) will receive accounts so they can access dorm rosters or class lists. These accounts are created via the GOATPAD Banner form by the Office of the Registrar.

Non-Login Questions

I want to view my Final Grades, but the term dropdown doesn't show the current term.

  • The "Term Code" dropdown for grades will only display a term when at least one of your courses has been graded.
  • There is an overnight delay for grade display. Every night at 2:30am, CIT runs a process that finalizes the grades submitted by faculty during the previous day. After this runs, you'll be able to see any courses that have been graded in the past day.

    *SPRING 2020 semester is different. We're only "rolling" grades on June 1st. Students won't see grades in KnightWeb until June 1st. The workaround is to view grades via the P/F form (http://go.geneseo.edu/PF2020).

The SOFI survey doesn't display any course for me to select.

  • SOFIs are only available for completion on or before the last day of classes. (This helps ensure that final grades don't unduly influence the SOFI comments.)

Financial Aid Help

Other Questions

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