New Initiatives:

Classroom Technology & Upgrades


  • Training sessions in August, January, and April
  • 40+ Online courses in Summer 2012
  • Transitioned paper process for multiple entities on campus
  • Assisted with production of WorkPlace Violence Prevention Course
  • Upgraded to Version 8 of ANGEL (May 2012)
  • Created a new process to drop students from cancelled classes


  • Library Kiosks were upgraded with improved software to increase security
  • Self-serve appointment calendar created for use by Writing Learning Center
  • DML was moved to new location
  • New imaging process put in place in Summer 2012

Poster Printing and Graphic Design

Special Services

  • DML check-out services running smoothly from the Library Circulation desk now (formerly checked out in Newton).  This move increased the number of hours available for check-out and streamlined the process for clients.
  • Poster Printing services upgraded in June 2012 with new help documents and instructions.  We are working on automating a receipt from our RT tickets.


  • Removed 1600 unused phone lines from Student Residence Halls for cost savings benefit
  • Installed courtesy phones on each floor of every Residence Hall that allow free on-campus and local calling (long distance calls require a calling card)
  • Supplied Resident Assistants with iPod devices that are integrated with their VoIP service desk phones for on duty requirements
  • Automated e911 locations changes via Pinnacle and direct reporting to campus carrier
  • Reduced Frontier paper phone book advertising for an annual savings of more than $10k
  • Moved telephone service to a true service model by eliminating recharge fees to all Administrative and Academic departments
  • Developed a campus wide VoIP migration plan to transition telephone service that will also encompass the elimination on internal non-e911 compliant phone numbers (4XXX)


  • We offered training in myCourses, poster creation, instructional design, and DML services this year.  See full list at here.



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