During 2011-2012 the Information Team:

  • Resolved over 1468 RT tickets (in the IS queue) plus additional tickets in various queues such as General and myCourses.
  • Installed the following number of software updates for the Banner Student Information System:
    • 36 Banner major releases
    • 136 Banner patches
    • 14 Oracle upgrades and patches including the migration of most Oracle database and related products from 10g to 11g.
  • Resolved over 900+ requests associated with Banner and other information management systems.
  • Resolved over 435+ website and web application requests
  • Student workers resolved 260+ requests including the following:
    • 50+ Banner reporting enhancements and corrections
    • 200+ website requests including creation of new sites, conversion of old sites, creation of online web forms, training, consulting, development of custom web applications, and many other types of website support.
    • SOFI Knightweb User Interface
    • Great day submission and scheduling applications.
    • GOLD dynamic schedule
    • Co-curricular Transcript print transcript and other enhancements
    • Enhanced CIT classroom technology inventory system
The following table provides a list of some of the larger projects completed by the Information Systems team

Project Notes Completed On
Admissions Application CheckList Provided improved checklist process for Admissions staff with email reminder for missing items to applicants. October 2011
Advancement Operational Process Improvement Project Program to completely overhaul reporting for Advancement division 2012
Alumni Social Media Integration Integrate social media in alumni website Fall 2011
Angel Faculty/Staff Daily Account Import Support online training for Geneseo staff. November 2011
ASC/Common App Processing for 2011-2012 Manditory upgrade for new SUNY ASC and Common App application processing year September 2011
Banner - Implement Disability Reporting Procedures SUNY Institutional Reporting requirements Fall 2011
Banner - Implement ID Photos Improved customer service. A reusable process was implement to support future third party id photo integration. November 2011
Banner - Improving Matching Rules to Prevent Duplicates and Mismatched IDs Data accuracy. Trying to "tighten" matching rules to reduce the number of duplicate or mismatched IDs from automated loads such as applications and financial aid files. Spring 2012
Banner - Install New Database Server Improved performance and capacity. September 2011
Banner - SSN Masking in Financial Aid Forms Improved security for SSN Fall 2011
Banner 11g Database Upgrade Required to maintain Banner support. May 2012
Banner 11g Forms Upgrade Required to maintain Banner support. June 2012
Banner Account Audit Improved security. Automated account audit to notify supervisors of current employee access June 2012
Banner Ethnicity Modifications Supports mandatory federal reporting requirements Nov 2011
Banner NCAA Athletic Compliance NCAA Compliance November 2011
Banner Security Access Review Reviewing all Banner security access and modifying to fit current job requirements. Completed student workers and some selected offices. Project will continue during 2012-2013 Spring 2012
Batch Importing of Room Assignments Efficiency for Residence Life administrative staff June 2012
Books Submission Reminders Reminder instructors and department chairs about incomplete book list submissions Fall 2011
Campaign Case Statement Publication Support management of capital campaign August 2011
Campaign Solicitation Materials Annual Fund Solicitations May 2012
CAS v3.4.11 Upgrade Planning to do another release immediately after to incorporate items missed in initial build Spring 2012
Co-curricular Transcript Enhancements New print PDF transcript, sso via cas July 2011
Code of Conduct Redesign   June 2012
Combined Pidm Support management of capital campaign February 2012
Credentials Solutions Transcript Request Handling Efficiency savings for Registrar and enhanced features for customers June 2012
CSEA Furlough Days in Time-off Accrual Forms Form modification to display Furlough Accrual data September 2011
CSEA Furlough Days in Time-off Accruals Mandatory contratual support September 2011
Drupal Admin Usability Improvements made over summer, project ongoing  
Email Acknowledgment for Applications Improved customer service and reduced calls. September 2011
Enhanced MediaDB Technology Inventory Database Redesigned significant portions of application to improve reliability and efficiency. Fall 2011
Extract Sorted by Rosters Data Cleanup and Update March 2012
Faculty Activity Summary Improved efficiency for faculty and administration. April 2012
Faculty HR Data Import to Banner Advancement Advancement Operations support for Campaign Summer 2011
Financial Aid 2012-2013 Aid Year Implementation Mandatory federal and state requirements. February 2012
Freshmen Elections Online Web Survey October 2011
Geneseo Custom Views and Functions Support management of capital campaign May 2012
GOLD Online Schedule Develop dynamic searchable online schedule for Gold workshops to greatly improve staff efficiency as well as usability for students registering for workshops. Jun-12
Google Search Management Implemented and tested disaster recovery solution for website search Fall 2011
Goremal Delete Trigger Data Integrety January 2012
Grade Change Form Enhancements Usability and efficiency improvements November 2011
Great Day Online Schedule Allow users to view schedule online, create custom schedule for sessions they plan to attend, export custom calendar as ical, view on mobile device April 2012
Great Day submission forms Provides presenters and administrators a more efficient registration process Summer 2011
Hep Phone Load Update with Latest Contact data for Advancement September 2011
Implemented Geneseo social media page

Improve engagement of alumni:


Dec 2011
Install OBIEE Need to evaluate BI Publisher as potential future reporting solution September 2011
Installed New Opscan Scanner Keeping hardware current. Summer 2011
Knightweb (SSB) Xtender Access Improved access to information. Implement solution from Oswego to provde access to imaged documents in Xtender for Faculty Advisors. Currently waiting on licensing decision Fall 2011
Knightweb Registration Tuning Tuning environment to increase registration capacity. The capacity has been increased, but still is not sufficient to hit desired campus goal. October 2011
Leadership Indicators Support management of capital campaign April 2012
Library Website Provided updated Library website with new features supporting the current Geneseo website brand Summer 2011
Maxient/Banner Integration Implemented Maxient Conduct Administrative software to increase effectiveness and efficiency for Center for Community staff managing student conduct Summer 2011
Mobile Website Icon Redesign Improved look of mobile website Fall 2011
Multi-Year Pledge Printing and Reminders Support management of capital campaign November 2011
myGeneseo Course Schedule Calendar Integration Provides integration with campus calendar solution. August 2011
myGeneseo Redesign Improved website design and navigation. Also upgraded to latest uPortal version for improved functionality. June 2012
NCOA Address Load Update with Latest Contact data for Advancement Sept 2011
Nelnet Implementation Improved handling of deposits via Nelnet Summer 2011
NYSTCE Import Efficiency and security. This import allowed us to eliminate need for SSN in NCATE extracts October 2011
Online Account Request Form Efficiency and customer service August 2011
Online Campus Tour Request Enhancements Improved customer service and administration. Provided reminders for visits and enhanced communications Spring 2012
Online Deposits for AOP/Transfers Customer service. December 2011
Online Tuition and Housing Deposits Efficiency and customer service September 2011
Oracle Forms Install on Windows 7 Banner Forms Support October 2011
Parent Indicators Support management of capital campaign August 2011
Pledge Reminders Support management of capital campaign Fall 2011
Pledge Vehicle Code Update Support management of capital campaign January 2012
Point&Click Electronic Medical Record Implementation Completed system implementation including Immunization history, holds, registration cleanup. The EMR helps us with federal compliance Summer 2011
PointNClick Hold Process Process to apply Medical Holds to Students in Banner August 2011
Pref First Name Update Data Cleanup and Update October 2011
Prospect Interest Cleanup Support management of capital campaign March 2012
Provided Website Solution to Host Self-Help Videos for Purchasing Customer service and efficiency. Provided easier solution for Purchasing so they could deploy self-help videos for their customers. Fall 2011
Publications - Academic Newsletters Support management of capital campaign December 2011
Remove SSN from Accounting extract Improved security for SSN. May 2012
Remove SSN from NCATE Integration Improved security for SSN. Summer 2012
Report of EOP Alums Alumni Reporting March 2012
Report of Pending Grads Parent Relations April 2012
SIRIS Degrees Awarded Submission (DADS) SUNY Institutional Reporting requirements July 2011
SIRIS Student Revenue Submission (SRDS) SUNY Institutional Reporting requirements September 2011
SmartCall: Prospect Segmentation Support management of capital campaign April 2012
SOFI Implemented custom SOFI solution in Knightweb to reduce hosting costs and increase ability to customize solution Summer 2011
SOFI Enhancements Enhancements and fixes to improve usability of SOFI user interface April 2012
SOFI Import of OCE Historical Data Helps provide complete historical record for SOFI surveys by importing data stored in OCE between 2006-2011. January 2012
Spousehold Giving Support management of capital campaign March 2012
Spring Student Elections Online Web Survey March 2012
Updated Faculty Pages in Languages&Literatures website Accuracy of information Fall 2011
Visa/Citizenship Data Cleanup for International Students Review and correct data. Provide reporting to keep data "clean" on ongoing basis. September 2011
WWW Website Security Enhancements Improved security by reducing access for personal websites to dynamic programming languages. Also improved account management. Fall 2011
Xtender SSN Masking Improved security for SSN. Hides SSN in index fields September 2011



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