Account deletions normally are driven by database changes in Banner and HRMS. Students who are not registered for classes in the current or future term or on an official leave of absence are considered separated from the College. Faculty and staff are considered separated from the College upon notification from Human Resources.

Upon separation from the College, accounts are removed from our systems. These normal account expirations and deletions are processed in accordance with our Account Eligibility guidelines.

Occasionally, there is a separation that requires immediate manual intervention. If a separation requires intervention, after working with Human Resources the appropriate contact person is the CIO (Director of CIT). If the CIO is not available, the following ordered list indicates who to contact.

  1. Director of Information Systems
  2. Director, Systems and Identity & Access Management
  3. Director of Support Services


To request an immediate deletion or locking of a Geneseo account, the following information must be submitted to the CIO or appropriate alternate contact.

Name of employee:

Effective Date/Time:
Rights to Remove or Change:
Who should own files owned by person:
Disposition of hardware used by person: (Laptop, Desktop, etc.)
Recovery of data person has: (Backups at home, CDs, copies of data files/exports)

After receiving the request, CIT will:

Assess account need (Is person affiliated in other ways to the College?)
Document changes made to account:

  • Password change
  • Group removal/changes
  • Banner role changes
  • Mailman changes
  • Content Management System
  • Internal systems (RT, Oracle Calendar, etc.)
  • LDAP changes/Confidentiality fields (hiding LDAP entries)
  • HRMS changes need to be applied (title, dept, etc.)

Please note that not all system accounts are managed by CIT. The following accounts will be impacted by CIT deletion:

  • Email and server access
  • Google Docs at Geneseo
  • Banner / Appworx / Xtender
  • Drupal Access
  • Mailing list administration
  • myCourses
  • VoiceMail

These accounts require contacting other College offices:

  • AIMS (University Police)
  • Albany HR System (HR)
  • Card Access (Administrative Systems/Admin & Finance)
  • EMS (Campus Scheduling & Events)
  • KnightWeb (Records)
  • People Admin (HR)
  • Research Accounting System
  • SJS (University Police)
  • (Purchasing)


Sue Chichester
CIO & Director, Computing & Information Technology

Effective Date: July, 2008
Last Updated: January, 2012