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Faculty can import grades to KnightWeb via Excel spreadsheet. This document describes how to create an Excel spreadsheet from Canvas.

Before You Start

The Excel spreadsheet must have the following columns:

  • Student ID (ex: G00493029)
  • Term Code (ex: 201709)
  • CRN (ex: 54143)
  • Final Grade (ex: B-)

**Be sure you're enabling the Geneseo-specific grading scheme in the first step below.


  1. Enable the course grading scheme in Canvas. For detailed directions, visit How do I use grading schemes in a course?
    1. The default Canvas grading scheme will populate automatically. "Select Another Scheme" by clicking the text in the top right corner of the "View/Edit Grading Scheme" window.
    2. Select "Geneseo (no D+, D-, F)" and "Use This Grading Standard" to apply it to your course.
  2. At the conclusion of your course, export the grades to your desktop. For detailed directions, visit How do I export grades in the Gradebook?
  3. Locate the downloaded .csv file, and open it with Excel. The file may be on your desktop or in the downloads folder.
    1. KnightWeb requires four columns in the file: Student ID, Term Code, CRN, and Final Grade. (These names are case sensitive.) The Canvas file has two of these columns already: SIS User ID and Final Grade; change SIS User ID to Student ID.
      1. You'll likely notice many "read-only" columns that appear to duplicate existing data; you can delete these read-only columns. For context, Canvas offers these definitions:
        • Current Points = Points based on only submitted assignments (excludes unsubmitted and ungraded)
        • Final Points = Points based on all possible assignments (includes unsubmitted and ungraded)
        • Current Score = Score based on only submitted assignments and unmuted assignments (excludes muted assignments)
        • Unposted Current Score = Score based on only submitted assignments and muted assignments (excludes unsubmitted assignments)
        • Final Score = Overall score including unsubmitted assignments as zero (excludes muted assignments)
        • Unposted Final Score = Overall score including unsubmitted assignments as zero and muted assignments (if any)
    2. Create the Term Code and CRN columns by extracting the data from the Section column. In most files, this is Excel column E.
      1. Highlight column E by clicking on the column header.
        Highlighted column E in spreadsheet 
      2. Select Text to Columns... from the Data Menu. Follow the prompts to separate the data by "-"

        Column Format radio button for General selected
    3. Rename the two new columns: Term Code and CRN. 
    4. You may remove the other columns in the spreadsheet or leave them - KnightWeb will ignore them.
    5. (warning) The final step is to Save the file in Excel format by selecting Save As... from the File menu. KnightWeb will not upload .csv files.
  4. Log into KnightWeb. Go to the grade entry area. Select the course for which you want to import grades. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the grading application, and select Import. Then follow the on-screen instructions.


For more information about entering grades into KnightWeb, visit KnightWeb Grade Entry

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