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G Suite @ Geneseo

G Suite for Education is available to all Geneseo students, faculty, and staff. G Suite online services provide productivity and collaboration tools accessible from any web browser on any internet-enabled device (including mobile devices) from anywhere. The G Suite provides all Geneseo account holders with a robust set of features within a cloud-based collaboration and storage platform.

Accounts use the standard address format, and passwords are linked with the Geneseo Password Utility that synchronizes passwords across multiple Geneseo systems.

Google's privacy policy protects Geneseo users:

  • It's our content, not theirs. Our G Suite content belongs to SUNY Geneseo, or individual users at Geneseo. Not Google
  • Google doesn't look at your content. Google employees will only access content that you store on the G Suite when an administrator from the Geneseo domain grants them explicit permission to do so for troubleshooting.
  • Google doesn't share your content. Google does not share personal information with advertisers or other 3rd parties without your consent.
  • Google sometimes scans content. And for very good reasons, like spam filtering, anti-virus protection, or malware detection. Google's systems scan content to make the G Suite work better for users, enabling unique functionality like powerful searching in Gmail and Google Docs. This is completely automated and involves no humans.
  • For more information please see the Google Apps for Education Privacy and Security Page.

Reference - G Suite and other Google services available to

Stay up to date on changes to G Suite with Google's G Suite Updates Blog or visit Google list of new G Suite features and enhancements.