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As you probably know, the lab computers on campus do not save your personal files after you log out. Many people choose to save their files to a flash drive. Another alternative that lets you access your documents in many places is to use Google Drive.

Google Drive is a cloud storage product from Google that each Geneseo account holder has access to. The biggest benefit of using Drive is that it makes your files available from the internet. You can install Google Drive on your laptop, iOS device, or Android device.  This way, you can access your files from your computer, tablet, and even your phone. You can even edit many of these files directly within Drive, making working on the go much more convenient.

On the lab machines, you can use Google Drive on the web.  There are a couple ways to get there.

  1. To get to Drive directly, simply visit and log in with your Geneseo Gmail credentials.
  2. Alternatively, if you are already inside your Geneseo Gmail account, simply click "Drive" in the Google Apps grid icon at the top, right of the page.

When you are logged in, you will see all of the files in your Drive. If you haven't used Drive yet, it is most likely empty.

To upload a file to your Drive, simply click the down arrow next to My Drive and select Upload files or Upload folder.

Then simply browse to the location on the computer where your file is saved, select the file, and save it to your Drive.

After you have created or uploaded a file, it will be available from this website until you remove it.  If you have the Google Drive App installed on your phone or computer, the file will automatically be copied to each device the next time it syncs with Google Drive.

Drive also gives you the opportunity to share your documents with others. This is very convenient for group projects or to share something with a professor for input or review. After you open a file on the Drive website, just click the green 'Share' button in the top right corner.

Once you've done that, you'll be presented with a screen that let's you share the document with other Google Drive users:

You will see who the document is currently shared with. To share the document with additional users, simply type their email address in the 'Invite People' box. You can then specify what rights other users will have. To the right of each username, you can select 'Can Edit', 'Can Comment', or 'Can View."

Saving your documents to Google Drive while working on a lab machine is a simple way to back up your files, while also making them available anywhere you have an internet connection.

For more information on Google Drive, see Google's official Drive page: Google Drive Support

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More Help

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