Google Calendar instructions for getting started, sharing, and accessing on mobile devices.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Googling calendar with Google's Get started with Google Calendar guide. 

Import your Class Schedule into Google Calendar

Students, if you're actively using Google Calendar, there's probably a good chance you'd like it to include your class schedule. Instead of creating this by hand, you can now use the calendar export capability of MyGeneseo.


By default your calendar is setup so that anyone at Geneseo can see when you are free/busy. Share your calendar, if you want to give specific users more rights to your calendar you are able to do that. You cannot prevent people from inviting you to meetings.

Google allows you to create multiple calendars and to share those calendars to different people or make them public. This allows you or your department to create a shared calendar that you can publish to a small group, to the campus community, or the public.

If your calendar is public, you can also embed your Google Calendar on a Drupal page. View this page for an example of an embedded calendar.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants, or anyone looking to learn more about calendar and Google Workspaces, should checkout Google Workspace Tips for Administrative Assistants

Mobile Devices

There are multiple ways to access your Google Calendar from a mobile device. 

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