SUNY Geneseo provides computing accounts for persons who have a current or future official status with SUNY Geneseo that requires the use of computing resources. Your use of SUNY Geneseo computer resources is governed by the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

The links on this page detail who is eligible for an account, how those accounts are created, managed, and deleted.

Account information

Account Creation

Accounts are created automatically following the guidelines explained in our Account Eligibility procedures. 

Initial Account Setup

Account Claim

Students will have instructions for getting their Geneseo username and initial password emailed to the email address they used when they applied to Geneseo. These instructions can also be accessed at Claiming your Geneseo Account.

Faculty and Staff will have their account username and initial password provided to them by their department head, supervisor, or department secretary.

If you are in doubt about the authenticity of communication from CIT please see our Official Account Communications page to verify the validity of communications.

Recovery Configuration

Geneseo accounts are prompted to configure Self-Service Password Recovery (SSPR) methods when they sign in to our web-based Microsoft identity platform for the first time . These methods are used to reset a Geneseo account's password in the event that the owner does not know the current password.

Please follow our Self Service Password Reset Configuration instructions to guide you through this process.

Multi-Factor (MFA) Configuration

In addition to password recovery methods, Geneseo students, faculty, staff, and retirees will also be prompted to configure strong authentication methods when they first access our Microsoft identity platform. Microsoft uses these methods to prompt users to perform an additional verification step (after password submission) in the process of accessing a service protected by our Microsoft identity system, commonly referred to as multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Please see Secure Login – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for information about what methods are available and how to configure them.

Account Management

Accounts and Services

Your Geneseo account provides you access to a broad range of services. Access to services are controlled by what groups your account is classified as

ServiceFaculty/StaffStudentCAS Employee1RetireeInactive StudentVolunteerLimited AccessCourtesy
Google Workspace (Gmail, Drive, Docs)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Banner(warning) With  approval(error)(warning) With approval(error)(error)(error)(error)(warning) With approval
Canvas(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (error)(error)(tick)(warning) With approval
VPN(tick)(tick)(tick)(warning) With approval(error)(tick)(error)(warning) With approval
Wiki(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(warning) With approval
Printing(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(error)(warning) With approval
Licensed SoftwarePlease see the Licensed Software page for individual license information. note: some require VPN
Microsoft Office(tick)3(tick)(tick)3(warning) Web Only(error)(warning) With approval(warning) Web Only(warning) Web Only
Zoom(tick)(tick)(tick)(warning)4(warning)4(warning) 4Full License with approval(warning)4(warning)4
Library Services (IDS, Glocat)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
  1. CAS Employees includes all employees managed through CAS HR (Student Association, Book store)
  2. requires eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation of faculty or staff.
  3. Some employees based on job role only have access to Microsoft Office 365 on the Web
  4. These users have a Basic Zoom license allowing them join any meeting, and host meetings. Meetings they host with more than 3 participants are limited to 40 minutes.

Account expiration

Many accounts are first moved to a limited access mode where they have limited access to services retaining mostly just canvas, GSuite, and Office 365 web access before they are disabled. Accounts are automatically moved to limited access or disabled in accordance with out Account Eligibility document. For tips on what to do before your accounts is disabled see Account Expirations.

See also: Support for Outgoing Students

Name Changes

Information about changing your username (getting a new account representing your new name) Geneseo Account Name Changes.

Multiple Accounts

Geneseo users may have a single account regardless of whether they have multiple roles at the college (employee and student).

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