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The Dashboard is your landing page in Canvas and displays information about your current courses. The Dashboard also contains global announcements, an activity stream that shows recent activity in all your current courses, and a sidebar, which contains the To Do list, upcoming events, and access to grades.

By default, course cards are automatically added by Canvas and display up to 20 courses. However, you can manage courses on the Dashboard by customizing the course list and manually selecting your favorite courses. 

Before You Start

  • When you are enrolled in more than one Canvas course, you can customize the active courses you want to show in your Course list. Courses you want to show on your Dashboard and in the Courses drop-down menu are called favorite courses. You can favorite any published course that appears in the All Courses section on the course list page.
  • When no courses are favorited, the courses list automatically displays up to 20 courses alphabetically in the course menu. However, once you have selected at least one course as a favorite, only your favorite courses will appear on your Dashboard.
  • You may still be able to view your past enrollments after courses have concluded. However, favorited courses are not automatically removed as a favorite. If a past enrollment course still shows as a favorite, you can unfavorite the course by toggling the star icon from the course list.
  • If a course is unpublished (and you are allowed to view unpublished courses before the course start date) you cannot favorite the course. If you hover over a star icon for an unpublished or concluded course, you can view a message indicating that the course cannot be added as a favorite.

Selecting Course Favorites for your Dashboard

Video Step-by-Step Available at Canvas: Updating Your Dashboard on Ensemble.

  1. In Global Navigation, click the  Courses  link [1], then click the  All Courses  link [2]. 
    Dashboard navigation with Courses highlighted
  2. To favorite a course, click the star next to a course [1]. Courses with filled stars show the course is a favorite [2]. 
    two courses, one with and one without the star icon highlighted at far left

Set a short nickname for each of your courses – in some menus and dashboards, similar classes will be hard to distinguish if you can only see the first several characters of the course name! (e.g. 201709-CHEM-119-0...)

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More Help

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