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Google allows you to create multiple calendars and to share those calendars with different people or make them public. This is a great feature and will allow you or your department to create a shared calendar you can publish to a small group, the campus community, or the public.

Campus Calendar Project

Campus Scheduling & Events, College Communications, and CIT work together to publicize events and calendars to the campus. Please consult with either CIT or Campus Scheduling to determine if Google Calendar or EMS/Master Calendar are the appropriate location for your events' information.

Create the calendar to share

The first thing you need to do is create the calendar you want to share. CIT highly recommends you use a departmental account to create these calendars, if a user creates this calendar, the address of the calendar could change if they ever leave the department or the college and all subscriptions to the calendar would break.

  1. First you need to sign into your departmental Google Calendar. You will either need to sign out of your Google calendar account or use a different web browser than you use to view your Google calendar.
  2. Under the "My Calendars" heading on the left, click Add
  3. In the new screen for the calendar, give your calendar a name (e.g. "Geneseo Legal Holidays") and fill in a description of the calendar.
  4. Make sure you set appropriate sharing for this calendar. If you want to share it with all Geneseo users, check the box Share this calendar with others and then "Share this calendar with everyone in the organization State University College at Geneseo" and leave it as See all event details. If this is a calendar that anyone might be interested in such as performances or sporting events, it might make more sense to check the box for "Make this calendar public"
  5. It is a good idea to also Share this calendar with specific people. This will allow them to add events to and manage this calendar from their Google Calendar account. Adding your account is a good first choice. You can also add any other users you would like. (We recommend you give most users you want to manage this calendar the Make changes AND manage sharing Permission Settings.)
  6. Click Create Calendar

Create events on the new calendar

You can now login to your Google Calendar account and manage this calendar. Events you create will be shown to all subscribers of this calendar.

  1. Click the Create Event button in the upper left of your Google Calendar screen.
  2. Enter all the appropriate information for your event


    Make sure you put the event on the correct calendar in the Calendar drop down menu

Get the word out about your new calendar

To see the various options for sharing your calendar, go to the arrow on the right side of the name of your calendar and choose Calendar Settings.

  • Share the email address via email or on your website. Users need to paste this address into the Other Calendars box in their Google Calendar. The link method in the next instruction automates this process and is preferred.


    You can submit this address, information about your calendar, and a title for the calendar to CIT via rt or email to have a shared contact created so that your calendar is searchable in the Other Calendars search box of Google Calendar.

Making a link to automatically subscribe

  1. Get the "email address" of the calendar you would like to share using the previous instructions. it should look something like this: or
  2. Paste the "email address" of the calendar after this url: _
  3. Replace the @ symbol with %40
  4. The URL should look something like this:

    replace the part after cid= with the address of your calendar from the previous instructions.
    Example: Add to Google Calendar

  5. You can now email, IM, or publish this link on your website or wiki page.

Additional sharing methods

  • If this is a public calendar, you can publish the ICS link on your website for use by anyone. Just click the green ICAL button to get the link to use.

Future Plans

We hope to have support for Google Calendar in MyGeneseo soon.

We plan to have a page of links to interesting Geneseo calendars using the Google subscription syntax from above.

I would like to find a way to use the XML feed to show the next upcoming 5 events (or however many) as a list of text on a web page, rather than having to use the big embeded iframe calendar.

More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.