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In Canvas there is one tool for both quizzes and exams called Quizzes. You can create Quizzes from within Modules or by accessing Quizzes from the left-hand course menu. There are four types of quizzes you can create in Canvas:

  1. Graded Quiz - this will automatically create a column in Grades and should be used for any test or quiz you wish to administer.
  2. Practice Quiz - this will not create a column in Grades and should not be used for any assessment you wish to grade.
  3. Graded Survey - this will automatically create a column in Grades but only gives students credit for completing the survey.
  4. Ungraded Survey - this will not create a column in Grades and should be used for polling students and gathering their opinions.

Creating a quiz and adding individual questions

Creating a quiz and creating a Question Group to randomize question order or dish a subset of questions

In Quizzes, faculty have the option to Preview a quiz as a student would see it without actually being in student view (pink wrapper). It is the only utility that allows you to do that, because if you take the quiz in actual student view (pink wrapper), you will continually receive the disclaimer that someone has already submitted to the quiz and you shouldn't edit it. Preview from the instructor view lets you see the quiz as a student would, but you are not actually in student view.

Quiz Access and Review Dates

Quiz set up screen showing the options detailed in this sectionWhen you are creating a quiz, there are several options and dates to control students' access to the quiz and their review of the answers they submitted.

  1. Due date - this is the date and time that the quiz is due. The date automatically populates on the students' dashboards, to-do items, and calendar. It does not control interaction with the quiz questions.
  2. Available from and Until dates - these are the dates and times during which students can interact with the quiz ("take the quiz").
  3. Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions will be Marked in Student Feedback) is checked by default. If this is left enabled, know that students will see their responses and whether it's mark correct or incorrect. (warning) Use caution in leaving this enabled on auto-graded questions (True/False, Multiple Choice) until all students have submitted to the quiz.
  4. Show Correct Answers at and Hide Correct Answers at dates - these dates will permit students who took the test to review their answers and compare them to the correct answer. If students do not complete the quiz, they will not be able to review the quiz answers. Be sure to set these date(s) for access after the quiz is closed to ensure students cannot share answers with their peers!

    Any of the dates can be omitted to allow access to students during the course dates.

Technical Difficulties Experienced by Students

Please consider these reminders when students report they have technical difficulties taking a quiz:

  1. In a timed quiz: once the the quiz is started, the timer will start and will run until the time is up regardless if the student left the quiz or not.
  2. The students can always return to a quiz as long as they either have attempts or time left on the clock. So if they have one attempt, they can exit and get back to the quiz. However, once the time is up, they will not be able to access the quiz any longer unless they have an additional attempt.
  3. If the user experiences any technical difficulties, it is their responsibility to find a solid connection and equipment to finish the quiz. It is very important for students to ensure they have secure connections before beginning a quiz/exam - we do not recommend attempting a quiz in a public area using free WiFi. 

CIT can assist you with determining what happened when the student experienced technical difficulties. We are able to help interpret the student's activity in Canvas during the quiz. Please contact us at 

Canvas Community Resources

Quiz settings and options

Assigning a quiz to an individual student or course section

Moderating the quiz for students with extra attempts or time

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