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The Course Home Page is the landing page every time you or a student enters the course. The default view for the home page is to display recent activity to students, however, you can customize the page with any of these additional options:

  • Set the Home Page to the Front Page (star) this is CIT's recommended practice! (star)
    • Allows you to display anything you wish such as documents, text, images or video.
    • Has an option for including recent course Announcements at the top of the page.
    • Be sure to include details on where students need to navigate to access course content.
  • Set the Home Page to link to your Modules
    • Allows students to enter directly to the course content
    • Be sure your modules are organized and provide a clear indication of what you would like your students to do
  • Set the Home Page as the Syllabus
    • Allows students to keep track of upcoming assignments
    • Allows students direct access to your course expectations and guidelines 

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