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You can copy and entire course or individual content items from one Canvas course to another very easily. 

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Login into Canvas and enter the course that does not contain content (empty course shell)
  2. Click on Settings on the bottom of the Course Navigation menu
  3. Click on Import Content into this Course on the right side menu
  4. Under Import Content, drop the arrow next to Content Type and select Copy a Canvas Course
  5. Next to Search for a course, start to type the name of the course containing the content you wish to copy and your list of available courses will display - select the appropriate course
  6. Select the Radio button for All Content or Select specific content
  7. Optionally elect to Adjust events and due dates
  8. Click on Import
  9. You will be directed to the Current Jobs view, where you will see the Import running  and update to Completed in Green if you selected All Content in Step 6
  10. If you choose Select specific content in Step 6:
    1. Click the blue Select Content button
    2. Put a check in the box next the content items you wish to copy (expand the forward arrows to reveal additional nested content items)
    3. Click Select Content
    4. The Completed copy will reflect again in green

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