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A list of items to be sure to consider upon employee separation

This document is meant to supplement the separation sign-off form provided by HR under appointment forms and address specific technology related information.

Before You Start

  • CIT will email the account managers of your department and the supervisor when HR indicates that an employee has retired or separated from the college.
  • All separations follow our account eligibility guidelines and account expiration processes.
  • Geneseo Faculty & Staff are able to keep their accounts in retirement, however be sure to follow the guidance in this document about transfer of important departmental files and communications.
  • Please see this policy for information about requesting an Immediate Deletion of an Account
  • CIT is always able to help with any questions you have about specific issues or problems you may have.

Google Drive Files

Be sure that any google drives files your employee has shared out that are important to the functioning of your department have been moved to an appropriate Google Shared Drive. If the files cannot be moved to a shared drive be sure that ownership of the files has been transferred to an appropriate person prior to the employees account being deactivated. 


Think about what important departmental communications are handled by this person and have the email address with external vendors updated to a new contact. Using your departmental email for this can be useful, CIT can assist with delegating access to your departmental email so multiple people can check it without having to share the username and password. Advising retirees to put a vacation message on their account telling people they have retired and who is handling communications in their place can be helpful to both your department and to lower the amount of irrelevant emails retirees receive.

College Owned Equipment

Be sure to recover any college owned equipment or assets the employee has. This could include their laptop, docking stations, monitors, Multi-factor Authentication devices, and may other devices or types of equipment.

Passwords and other accounts

Does the employee access, user, or check email for other accounts such as the departmental email or marketing accounts?

Many departments have multiple email accounts they use for various purposes. Account access needs to be transferred to a new employee and passwords must be changed on those accounts. Be sure to revoke any account delegation you had set up to the employee.

Does the employee have access to external services like twitter or other accounts? 

Be sure to have the employee share these account credentials with you and be sure to change the passwords to these accounts once the employee leaves.

Please note that not all system accounts are managed by CIT. The following accounts will be impacted by CIT deletion:

  • Email and server access
  • Google Docs at Geneseo
  • Banner / Appworx / Argos
  • Drupal Access
  • Mailing list administration
  • myCourses
  • VoiceMail

These accounts require contacting other College offices:

  • EMS (Campus Scheduling & Events)
  • Locks (John Haley)
  • SJS (University Police)
  • AIMS (University Police)
  • People Admin (HR)
  • Albany HR System (HR)
  • KnightWeb (Records)
  • Research Accounting System
  • (Purchasing) If this uses SUNY SSO then it would be blocked by disabling of AD account.

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More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.