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Self Help - Confidential Printing

Confidential printing is available for Toshiba Multifunction Devices (MFD) located on campus.


  1. Click "print" to bring up the printer dialog box
  2. Click on the Properties button (Windows 7 calls it Preferences)
  3. Make sure you are on the Basic tab at the top. Where it typically has "Normal Print" for Print Job, select "Private Print" from the drop down menu
  4. Once you have chosen "Private Print", click on the box to the right of Private Print (with 3 dots in it) and enter a secret number or password and click on OK
  5. Click OK to close that printer dialog window
  6. Click OK again to send the print job to the printer


  1. Click "print" to bring up the printer dialog box
  2. Under "Print Mode", select "Private" and enter a password.


Please note that there are slight menu differences on certain models of the Toshiba MFDs. 

At the Printer

  1. Press the Job Status button.
    Press the Print button on the LCD screen to see private jobs on the following models: eSTUDIO2040C, eSTUDIO2540C, eSTUDIO3040C, eSTUDIO3540C, eSTUDIO4540C, eSTUDIO256, eSTUDIO 456. 
  2. Press the Private button on the right side of the LCD display. This will list all the Names of the people that sent Private Print jobs.
  3. Select your name and press password.
  4. Enter the password and press enter.
  5. Select the document you want to release and press Release.
  6. The next screen will give you a button at the bottom called Release. Press this button to release the job for printing.

More Help
For questions about printing confidential documents, contact the CIT HelpDesk. Stop by South Hall 225A, send email to or call 585-245-5588.