Computer Lab Policy

Login is Required
Campus computing patrons must log into all machines in Geneseo's computer labs. Login will provide access to the computer and the printers in the labs. A valid login consists of your Geneseo email username and password.

Do not store files on lab computers

Lab computers automatically delete profiles in order to conserve limited hard drive space and improve performance. It is highly recommended that lab patrons store their files on cloud storage such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive both of which are accessible with your Geneseo account, or utilize alternatives such as Drop Box or iCloud Drive. Removable Media (Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, SD Cards) can also be used on computers that have the appropriate connections.

Remember to Logout

When you are finished using a computer in the lab, don't forget to logout. If you do not logout, the next person who uses that computer will have access to all of your personal files (including your email). The next user will also be able to use your print balance.

Windows: Click on the Windows Start Button (located on the center taskbar); on the left side, click on the circle icon with a person and select "sign out" or use the "Log Off" icon located on the desktop.
macOS: Click on the Apple menu; select Log Out.

Most computer labs have a printer in the room or a PublicToshiba located nearby. See Cloud Printing at Geneseo for PublicToshiba locations. 

Computer Lab Locations

Below is a list of Public Computer Labs, Department Computer Labs, and Classrooms with a Teacher Station. For a list of software found in the various labs visit Computer Lab Software Information. If you would like to reserve one of the reservable computer labs for a class or other function, please contact The Office of Scheduling, Events and Conference Services.

Public computer labs

LocationPlatformNumber of StationsReservablePrinting Available
Brodie 202Mac10Yes


Brodie 147Windows36 + 1 (Teacher)YesYes - PublicToshibas 
Fraser Hall  LibraryWindows4 + 1 Accessibility StationNoYes - PublicToshibas
Fraser Hall  LibraryMac4NoYes - PublicToshibas
South 329Mac4NoYes - PublicToshibas
South 329Windows5NoYes - PublicToshibas
South 345Mac25YesYes
Union 110Windows8NoYes - PublicToshibas
Union 110BWindows3NoYes - PublicToshibas

Department computer labs

These labs may be restricted to those in an appropriate major or class, please see the department for access.

LocationDepartmentPlatformNumber of StationsReservablePrinting Available
Bailey 114BPsychologyWindows8 (Laptops)NoNo
Bailey 205GeographyWindows30 + 1 (Teacher)NoYes
Blake C 110CommunicationWindows8NoNo
ISC 147BiologyWindows6NoNo
ISC 216PhysicsMac10NoNo
ISC 226PhysicsWindows15NoNo
ISC 236GeologyWindows20NoYes
South 138BusinessWindows10NoNo
South 321BusinessWindows5NoNo

Classrooms with a Teacher Station

Fraser Hall


Integrated Science CenterWindows115, 131, 325
Newton HallWindows201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 214
South HallWindows336, 338, 340
Welles HallWindows24, 26, 121, 123

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