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Why CIT is moving away from Code42 and what is different in the new options.

Why did we make this change?

Greater availability

Everyone with a Geneseo account is now able to store their data in a location that is backed up automatically using our new backup solution. More people can sync their files to Google or OneDrive knowing that everything stored there is being backed up by the new product.

Cost savings

The new backup solution costs less than our prior backup solution yet Is available to more individuals  This is one way that we hope to help the campus in this difficult financial climate.

Flexibility across devices

This method of storing files allows you to access your files on a number of devices. If your computer isn’t working properly, you can borrow a loner computer and still access the same files with ease.

What isn’t being automatically backed up?


In the case of a critical failure your applications would have to be reinstalled. Common applications such as web browsers, Microsoft Office, and many academic software packages used by students and found in our computer labs can be automatically installed during the initial computer setup. Many of those same applications can also be installed by anyone from the CIT Self Service app or the Software Center.

Additional folders

Most of the tools we now have for backup can not provide a backup for your extra folders that contain preferences or store data. Google Backup and Sync can be configured to backup additional folders, including thumb drives.


Customized application preferences that control how an application looks, feels, and functions are not backed up. Some apps that feature a syncing preference, like Google Chrome or Firefox, can work around this. Mac users can setup iCloud to backup some of their preferences.

What can be backed up?

For now, you must intervene to ensure your data is backed up by specifying what folders are backed up/synced to the cloud. If you would like assistance in this process please submit a request for help. A professional will assist you in selecting a backup and explain how it functions. 

Commonly Used Folders

Primary folders, like the Desktop or Documents folders, can be easily backed up with the tools we now have for backupOn Windows, OneDrive can sync your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures foldersGoogle Backup and Sync can be configured to sync these folders and more. 

Specific Folders

Google Backup and Sync can be configured to backup any folder on your computer, including thumb drives and SD cards. For individuals who don't want everything to be synced but would like a measure of protection for their most important documents, Google Drive File Stream can allow you to only sync a specific folder on your computer with the cloud. 


Do I need to uninstall Code42?

Yes. You will need to uninstall the Code42 app from your computer. These instructions will help you uninstall the Code42 software from your computer. If you would like assistance in this process please submit a request for help. A professional will assist you in that process. After the Code42 license expires, on the 16th of September, we will begin automatically deleting the software from Geneseo owned computers.

Will I get an error on the day it shuts off?

If you have not uninstalled the Code42 app from your computer before the 17th of September, you will get an error message explaining how the service is no longer operational and may be prompted to pay for it to continue your license.

After the Code42 license expires, you may receive notices that notify you the service is no longer available if you have not uninstalled the software ahead of time.

What happens to our Code42 backups?

Code42 Backups will be erased by the company on the 6th of October, 20 days after our contract with them expires.

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More Help

For questions, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling (585) 245-5588, or visiting our online service desk.