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As the professor within a Canvas course you will retain access to the course for, approximately, 1.5 years following its start date. You can learn more about CIT’s LMS Data Management policy, including the dates on which courses are removed from Canvas, here. We developed this self-help guide to assist with the preservation of content from your Canvas course.

Course Content

The vast majority of content within a course can be preserved in an export package, which saves using the “.imscc” extension. You will be able to import exported course content into a development shell on Geneseo's Canvas instance and/or a course you create on the Canvas Free for Teachers site.

Please follow the steps on this guide to export content from your Canvas course. Grades are not included in the export package; please follow these steps to export your gradebook.

Student Work

Assignments you create in Canvas will be included in the export package. As long as the learner does not delete the submission from their user files within Canvas, you will be able to access submissions from the corresponding assignment. Learn about downloading submissions for an assignment from the gradebook in this Canvas Guide; you can download submissions from SpeedGrader, as well.

Discussions you build in Canvas will be included in the export package. Canvas does not yet offer a solution for the preservation of student responses although the corresponding feature request is open for voting. If this functionality is of interest to you we encourage you to “vote up” the proposed idea.

Quizzes and surveys created in Canvas will be included in the export package. (We recommend exporting the course instead of exporting each quiz/survey individually to ensure that associated question banks are preserved in full.) To retain student responses you will need to view the quiz (or survey) statistics and download the Student Analysis; this will need to be done for each quiz/survey individually. You will receive a .CSV file identifying each learner’s attempt, by row, and answers corresponding to column headers. Quizzes offer a secondary set of data through the Item Analysis, accessible from the quiz statistics page.

Access information is available to instructors but Canvas requires you to view/save desired data one learner at a time. We discovered a Canvancement (i.e., user script) that will provide you with access information for your course as a whole. You can learn more about this utility, including steps, limitations, and definitions to assist your interpretation, directly from the script’s creator. This is advanced functionality; please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance.

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More Help

For questions about Canvas, contact CIT via our online service desk or email Weekdays between 8am-4pm, you can also contact us via our real-time chat portal.

For tips, tricks, and updates on learning technologies at Geneseo, visit our Educational Technology ChatTo explore Canvas Guides (created by Instructure), visit