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Faculty are responsible for determining how to handle ungraded and unsubmitted assignments to properly calculate Final Grades in Canvas. There are three options to consider and each has its advantage and disadvantage. The options are: manually updating missing assignments, setting the default grade on an assignment, and using the feature "Treat ungraded as 0".

Remember that all course grades must be reported through KnightWeb.

Manually enter zeros (0) or excusing ungraded/missing assignments

Faculty can manually enter a grade of zero (0) or excuse (EX) missing assignments in SpeedGrader or directly in the Grades grid. The "Total" column will correctly display students' final grades. Students will see their final grade without having to uncheck the default setting in their grades view.

Canvas Guide: Excusing Missing Assignments

Set Default Grade on an Assignment

After grading an assignment (in SpeedGrader or by import), faculty can set a default grade of zero (0). This will assign a zero for all students who did not submit the assignment or are ungraded. To configure this setting, go to Grades and click the drop-down menu for the assignment. Select Set Default Grade, enter zero (0), click Set Default Grade. Be careful not to check the box to overwrite already-entered grades.

Canvas Guide: Set Default Grade for an Assignment

Set the feature to "Treat Ungraded as 0"

At the end of the semester, click the Gear in the upper right corner of the Grades view and select the option Treat Ungraded as 0 from the menu.
When this feature is used, faculty need to export their grades to a CSV file to see students' final grade. The CSV file will contain two overall grade columns. The "Current" score reflects the grade earned while ignoring ungraded and unsubmitted assignments. The "Final Score" column contains the final grade, counting ungraded and unsubmitted assignments as zero (0).  Learn more about exporting grades from the Gradebook.

What the student sees vs. What faculty see

When the option to "Treat Ungraded as 0" is used in a course, students need to change an option on their grades view in order to see the same final grade as their professor. They must manually uncheck the box next to "Calculate only based on graded assignments" in their Grades screen.

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