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Banner 9 Forms

Estimated Completion: December 2018

Banner Admin (INB) v8 forms will be upgraded to version 9.  This is a major undertaking with introduction of major new components:

Current Status:

  • Banner 9 admin forms have been implemented for all products except Advancement which is moving to CRM Advance by Nov 2018.
  • We are running Banner 9 and Banner 8 in parallel.
  • We are waiting for SICAS to deliver the Banner admin forms they develop or customize. The release a new set of forms on May 25 which are pending installation.
  • Planning a "dress rehearsal" targeted for early September where all users use Banner 9 for one day to see if we are ready.
  • Planning individual training days "per office" that will probably start in July/Aug. CIT will visit offices and go over basics including how to use online training.

Deadline for go live is 12/31/2018.

Banner 9 Forms Project Page
Identity Management Upgrades

Estimated Completion: Phase 1 - July 2019

After selecting an identity management and governance application we are going to be implementing it over the next year. With a goal of provision student accounts starting in the spring of 2019.

Phase 1 features are still being determined but include:

  • Unified account claim procedure for faculty/staff/student accounts
  • Self service group management
  • Automated creation and disabling of faculty/staff/student accounts
  • Capability to periodically audit group memberships.
Removal of Windows 7 Computers from the network.

Estimated Completion:  Dec 2019

  • As of January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for devices running Windows 7.
  • Over the next year, devices must be upgraded to a supported version of Windows or replaced. 
  • Windows 7 devices will not be permitted on the network beginning . migration to LinkedIn Learning

Estimated Completion:  Aug 2019

  • Lynda was purchased by LinkedIn
  • Geneseo will be migrated to LinkedIn Learning in July
  • Changes will not be transparent to the customers. The implementation and promotion team will use this opportunity to increase awareness.
CRM Advance

Estimated Completion: November 2018

The Advancement Division is implementing the CRM Advancement platform from Ellucian to support fund raising and alumni activities:

Current Status:

  • Implementing second run of the extract/load process loading data into the test instance.
  • Building SQL Server instance for custom report development.
  • Building test instance of Ethos Integration which is used to integrate data between Banner and the CRM.

EAB Implementation

Estimated Completion: December 2019

The EAB implementation project began in March 2019 with identification of the project leadership team. CIT is participating in technical leadership and application administration. Key functional milestones will occur throughout the next 9-12 months.

Sturges / Fraser Remodel

Estimated Completion: Fall 2019

Several functional areas of CIT are involved in the planning phase of the upcoming large project. We are working closely with Facilities Planning on:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Classroom technology
  • Classroom furnishings
  • Relocating departments and classrooms during construction


Ongoing ProjectsEstimated CompletionDescription
Jamf MigrationDec 2019Migrating all campus Apple devices into Jamf to improve support, management capabilities, resilience, and compliance.
2019 In Place OS UpgradesAug 2019Upgrading the operating systems of active endpoints to the latest stable versions of their operating systems.

2019 Academic Computer Replacements

August 2019

Annual upgrade of computers used in academic departments.

Re-image Labs for 2019-20 academic year

August 2019

The annual preparation of labs to prepare for the 2019-20 academic year.

Summer 2019 Software Update

August 2019

Updating campus software packaging and deployments for the 2019-20 academic year.
Intune/Co-ManagementDecember 2019Automatic enrollment all Windows 10 computers in Co-Management. This is the framework for improved compliance/configuration/management capabilities of our campus owned Windows devices.
SCCM Deployment MigrationMay 2019Migrating from using MDT as the primary Windows deployment method to utilizing SCCM for all Windows deployments.
Website AccessibilityJune 2019Ongoing project to make compliant with WCAG AA guidelines. CIT web staff and Digital Communications Manager are currently using SiteImprove to review/fix site problems. Targeting June to training campus web editors on use of SiteImprove.
2019 Faculty ReplacementsMay 2019Annual upgrade of faculty computers
SQR ConversionDecember 2018SQR will be de-supported on December 2018.
Banner 9 Admin FormsDecember 2018Installing releases as they become available. Training and supporting users in adoption
NY-Alert to Everbridge ConversionDecember 2018The State Emergency Management Office has procured Everbridge to replace the legacy NY-Alert system. Phase I will be completed by June 1 and Geneseo will be completely transitioned to the new system by this date. Phase II will give Geneseo more control over managing the product and will take place later in 2018.
Advancement CRM ImplementationNov 2018In progress.
Student Outcome TrackingFall 2018In progress. Led by Financial Aid. RedesignFall 2018Developing core components for new Laravel/PHP based myGeneseo system.  Targeting end of summer for alpha test and early fall to start a parallel beta test.

Automatic BIOS Updates

Fall 2018

Updating BIOS of clients in the field

Print Server Replacement

Fall 2018

Upgrading and clearing out of the existing print server with a new version

Admissions 2018-2019 Application Year Processing SoftwareAugust 2018Starts in July
Upgrade operating systems on VoIP serversOctober 2018Upgrades bring features and address recently identified security issues.
Deployment of "eduroam" wireless networkAugust 2018The "eduroam" wireless network allows for seamless roaming of WiFi network users across nearly 90 countries.
RNL Advanced Financial Aid Solutions ModelingJuly 2018

Enrollment Management is contracting with Ruffalo Noel Levitz for AFSA (Advanced Financial Aid Solutions) analytical modeling. The project involves providing a data file from Banner containing admissions, financial aid, and student data.

Replacement of all RedHat 5 based hosts.August 2017RedHat 5 based hosts are going end of support in July. All our linux hosts running a RedHat 5 derived operating system (approximately 40) need to be rebuilt using version 7.
Banner 9 Forms: Local form conversionsAugust 2018Converting all Oracle forms to Argos or PageBuilder.

2018 Faculty Replacements

August 2018

Annual upgrade of faculty computers
AppWorx 12CJuly 2018
AppWorx UpgradeJuly 2018Researching requirements and implementing in test environment.  This is required for Banner 9 forms.
New Banapp1 ServerJuly 2018Project was delayed due to resources.
Drupal English Alumni ProfileJuly 2018Reimplement the English Alumni Profile feature missing since we moved to D7.
Banner Reporting/DR DatabaseSummer 2018
Banner General Person SSB and Gender optionsSummer 2018
BDMS/Xtender PurgesSummer 2018Need to purge documents from Banner Imaging product. Need to redo Admissions purge, and also BS-ID purge. We also need to discuss disk mgt for BDMS
Disaster Recovery for Banner
Ongoing improvements.
Drupal AnnouncementsSummer 2018New content type to fill void of announcements/blogs/news
Update imodules website designSummer 2018This may simply be a consulting role with Kristy as lead
Update jobs website designSummer 2018This may simply be a consulting role with Kristy as lead
Drupal Campus Policies WebsiteSummer 2018
Excelsior Software UpgradesJune 2018Implement software updates for Excelsior and develop supporting processes.
Fourwinds Digital Signage ImplementationFall 2017Upgrading all existing campus digital signage infrastructure to the Four Winds Interactive
IT Asset Management (ITAM) AutomationFall 2017Automation of computer inventory updates to improve accuracy and reduce labor requirements
Veeam BackupJuly 2017Installation and configuration of new backup software for our Windows physical hosts and all our virtual machines. it will make our backups cheaper, faster, and more reliable. We hope to have all backups replacing the NetBackup systems by July.
Mailing list migrationJuly 2017All mailing lists are being migrated off mailman into google-groups or other mailing list management software.

Completed Projects  
Geneseo Managed WordPress SitesSummer 2 018

Under the leadership of the Word Press Working Group (CIT, Library, and the Director of Digital Communications), set up a managed WordPress site for use by faculty and staff on campus.

For more information: WordPress at Geneseo FAQ

Re-image Labs for 2018-19 academic year

August 2018

The annual preparation of labs to prepare for the 2018-19 academic year.

Summer 2018 Software Update

August 2018

Updating campus software packaging and deployments for the 2018-19 academic year.
Learning Spaces UpgradesAugust 2018

Technology upgraded in learning spaces across campus.

Control system upgrades in Fraser 213, Newton 203, Newton 201, Welles 24, Welles 26, Milne 213.

More HDMI capable classrooms (Brodie 214, ISC 137, Sturges 112, Brodie 208, South 238, South 223, Sturges 223, Fraser 114, ISC 225, Fraser 103, Fraser 104, Wads 21, Welles 131, ISC 216, ISC 225a, ISC 226, ISC 314, Brodie 154)

Additional document cameras.

New / upgraded furniture in student study areas including Welles basement, Brodie 174, Sturges stairwell. Classroom furniture upgrades include Sturges 8, Welles 115, Fraser 119, Newton 206, Fraser 213.

WIG: Complete Upgrades on at least 98% of outdated endpoints before 10 Aug 2018August 2018For the first time CIT is upgraded the operating systems of all active faculty and staff computers to improve endpoint security, maintain a more homogeneous fleet, identity possible upgrade challenges, and improve overall system performance. Upgrades were made available to faculty and staff to perform. This project was conducted using the 4 Disciplines of Execution methodology.
WiFi upgrades in Wayne, Niagara, Nassau, Suffolk Residence HallsAugust 2018Outdated WiFi transmitters have been replaced with transmitters specifically designed for residence halls. Transmitters have been located inside residence hall rooms. This has significantly improved WiFi service in these buildings.
New guest WiFi authentication portalAugust 2018Cisco's Identity Services Engine has been deployed to better provide guest WiFi service on campus.
Handshake ImplementationMay 2018Career Development purchased and migrated to a new platform for managing student employment opportunities. They project included Banner integration, SSO integration, and other infrastructure support.
Mailroom Mailbox Maintenance System RedesignMay 2018Rewrote system as part of SQR/INB replacement projects
Setup PDQ DeployMay 2018

PDQ Software was purchased and deployed to automate 3rd party application installations on Windows lab computers.

Website Accessibility Phase IIApril 2018Hired website accessibility analyst. Acquired SiteImprove accessibility reporting tool. Establish program to review/fix accessibility issues by CIT web staff.

SCCM Dashboard with Power BI

April 2018

Investigated the use of Power BI to make SCCM reporting more live.
Orientation ManagementMarch 2018A system was developed for students to register for Orientation and for administrative staff to manage the Orientation advisors assignments and orientation activities. The online forms was implemented in PageBuilder.
Evolution Labs S360March 2018Enrollment Management implemented a third party service S360 used to market Geneseo programs to prospective students. They project included Banner integration, IP white listing, and network support.
Google Recaptcha V2March 2018Modify some older web applications to convert to v2 of Google Recaptcha. Newer version is more secure and user friendly and the old version was being de-supported.
SiteImproveMarch 2018Implemented SiteImprove scanning tool to support Web Accessibility requirements and to improve website quality
Canvas Implementation and TrainingSpring 2018

We migrated our Learning Management System from myCourses (Angel) to Canvas. All courses in Summer 2017 and beyond are taught with Canvas.

The next phase of the project includes ensuring all faculty are trained to fully utilize the features of Canvas. Our goals for 2017-2018 are increasing our published courses to 50%, increase instructor/student communication, and increase Gradebook usage.

Royals Wealth ManagementSpring 2018Implement Banner data integration to support Royals Wealth Management service for College Advancement.
TestCenter EnhancementsSpring 2018Added a variety of enhancements and defect corrections to the TestCenter test scheduling application. Some of enhancements improved staff efficiency.
Admissions Offer Letter AutomationJan 2018Setup process to more efficiently generate Admissions Offer letters from Banner.
Banner Financial Aid 2018 Aid Year UpdatesJan 2018Implement annual aid year releases.

Review Group Policy - FacultyStaff

Jan 2018

Conducted a review of the group policy that controls campus Windows computers to identify outdated policies.
PageBuilderDec 2017Geneseo is an early adopter of Ellucian's PageBuilder technology. This project required learning the technology and figuring out how to work past issues and solve problems since it is in a very early phase of implementation for Ellucian.
Incomplete Grade AutomationNov 2017Automated processing of incomplete grades in Banner

Migration of OS Upgrade to SCCM

Nov 2017

Added OS Upgrade files to SCCM so that we could be ready for migrations.

Migration of USMT to SCCM

Nov 2017

Moved the User State Migration Tool to SCCM so that we can perform more automated migrations of client data to new systems. 
Printer MapNov 2017

Created a Google Map indicating printer locations to make location information more visible.

Windows 10 1709Nov 2017

Adding the 1709 Version of Windows 10 to our deployment infrastructure.

Website Accessibility Phase IOct 2017Implemented initial round of website changes. Implemented required website accessibility course for all website editors
Oracle and Banner UpgradesThroughout Year

Providing enhancements and defect resolutions for Oracle RBDMS and Banner Student Information System.

  • Banner releases: 51
  • Banner patches: 247
  • Oracle database releases and patches: 18
Preferred Name SupportThroughout YearAdd support for preferred name in services identified as not in compliance with campus policy. Examples included DegreeWorks, Horizons, and others.
Banner Oracle 12C UpgradeOct 2017Required to remain current with database.
Banner 9 Admin Forms Initial DeploymentSept 2017

Geneseo was one of Ellucian's earliest adopters of the Banner 9 Admin forms and the first SUNY campus to have this version live in production. This version is a major overhaul of the product and required by Dec 2018.

Prepare macOSLAPS for production release

Sept 2017

Deployed this software to help resolve issues with domain bound Macs.

Update Mac deployment infrastructure for macOS High Sierra

Sept 2017

Updating deployment infrastructure so the current version macOS could be deployed reliably.
Admissions - New SAT Score FormatFall 2017Modify additional reporting and processes to account for new SAT score format.
Admissions Application Review EnhancementsFall 2017Enhancements to improve reporting and operations for application review.
Admissions EOPIF Missing ReportFall 2017
AOP Application ReviewFall 2017Increased automation for processing applications for AOP candidates.
Graduate Admissions Application Signature PageFall 2017Modifications to support signature page on Graduate Admissions application.

Graduate Admissions Review Printing Enhancements

Fall 2017Improve printing format of reports.
Telephone VOIP MigrationFall 2017CIT is upgrading campus telephone service from a traditional PBX-based system to a "Voice over IP" solution. VoIP telephone service allows us to take advantage of server virtualization, offers us a strong disaster recovery position, and brings many more features to end users. All standard telephone stations have been replaced. Only non-standard devices, such as modems, credit card readers, and emergency phones are outstanding.
Excelsior Scholarship ImplementationAugust 2017Perform data analysis of Geneseo student course credits and financial aid packages.  Implement software (from SICAS) to generate files for HESC to verify whether applicants for the scholarship qualify.  This project is very fluid and new requirements continue to be identified.
"Giant Voice" Mass Notification SystemAugust 2017We have extended our Informacast paging system to rooftop speaker arrays and into buildings where the fire alarm system has speakers aside bells and horns. This system replaces the mass notification system which was installed several years ago and which interfered with campus WiFi.

Have Mac BringOutYourDead option update Insight automatically

August 2017

Automated inventory update to improve accuracy and efficiency.
Softball Field WiFi ServiceAugust 2017We have deployed WiFi service to the softball field using a point-to-point wireless bridge because there is no underground infrastructure in the area so that softball games can be streamed on the Internet.
Deploy Dedicated Credit Card NetworkAugust 2017We have deployed a private network exclusively for credit card transactions to maintain the highest level of security for campus credit card transactions.
Admissions 2017-2018 Application Year Processing SoftwareAugust 2017Implement updated ASC and Common Application processes to process and load applications for the upcoming year.

Re-image Labs for 2017-18 academic year

August 2017

The annual preparation of labs to prepare for the fall semester.

Summer 2017 Software Update

August 2017

Updating campus software packaging and deployments for 2017

Update Mac faculty/staff policy profiles

August 2017

Modified and updated profiles that control the behavior of campus owned Macs.
DegreeWorks 4.1.6 UpgradeJuly 2017Reapply Localizations

Keychain Minder rollout

July 2017

A fix for a long standing keychain issue that would cause issues with domain-bound Macs
CAS 4.2 UpgradeJune 2017

Upgrades CAS to next major version which includes major enhancements and defects and improved overall security and reliability of the service.

Drupal 8 Upgrade

June 2017

Upgraded Drupal to next major revision which included significant enhancements and defect resolutions. This project also direct supported improvements in web accessibility.
Disaster Recovery PlanSummer 2017

Complete initial phase of documentation. Test current disaster recovery plan for critical information systems and infrastructure.

Postgres DB UpgradeSummer 2017Migrating remaining dbs to postgres9 server. There are a couple stragglers for dbs supported outside CIT.
Banner 9 SSB New FeaturesSummer 2017Rosters, Academic Transcript, Menu/Landing Page
Academic Computer ReplacementSummer 2017New computer upgrades for academic faculty with 4-year and older laptops.
Steuben Wireless Network UpgradeSummer 2017

WiFi service in Steuben residence has been improved by deploying transmitters in every student room.

Sturges Wireless Network UpgradeSummer 2017We have redeployed WiFi transmitters in Sturges to provide an improved experience to users in this building.
SCCM 1702May 2017Upgrading to the latest version of SCCM to provide the latest in remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection and hardware and software inventory.
LMS Migration from Angel to CanvasMay 2017We migrated our Learning Management System from myCourses (Angel) to Canvas. All courses in Summer 2017 and 

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