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Identity Management Upgrades

Estimated Completion: Phase 1 - March 2020

After selecting an identity management and governance application we are going to be implementing it over the next year. Automated account creation, syncing, and disabling is scheduled to start in late February or early March

Phase 1 features are still being determined but include:

  • Unified account claim procedure for faculty/staff/student accounts
  • Automated creation of faculty/staff/student accounts
Desktop Backup Evaluation

Estimated Completion:  Oct 2020

To provide backup to more clients and reduce costs we will evaluate and, if necessary, implement a new backup solution.

Sturges / Fraser Remodel

Estimated Completion: Fall 2021

Several functional areas of CIT are involved in this large project. We are working closely with Facilities Planning on:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Classroom technology
  • Classroom furnishings
  • Relocating departments and classrooms during construction

Secure Login

Estimated Completion: January 2020 - April 2020

Multi-factor authentication will be required for all Faculty & Staff by the end of the Spring semester. A new Self Service Password Reset will be rolled out to all users during this time period as well.

Internet Upgrade

Estimated Completion: January 2020

We are migrating our campus internet connection to a service provided by NYSERNet that provides direct access to many popular content distribution networks. This will increase connection speeds and decrease latency.

CIT Projects – ongoing & completed

CIT Projects are aligned with our Strategic Goals 2019-2020

  • Operational Excellence
  • Student-centered Institution
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure & Architecture
  • Staff Development
  • Technological Evolution
  • Data-enabled Decisions

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Internet UpgradesWe are migrating our campus internet connection to a service provided by NYSERNet that provides direct access to many popular content distribution networks. This will increase connection speeds and decrease latency.Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological EvolutionFebruary 2020Complete
Centralized Fax SolutionWe are implementing a centralized fax solution that provides a fax web portal, allows for fax-from-the-desktop, and removes the dependency on traditional analog telephone cables required for traditional fax services. Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological EvolutionSummer 2020Ongoing
Cisco Wireless Early Field TrialsWe are testing pre-production wireless access points for Cisco in various places across campus. Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological EvolutionFall 2020Ongoing
EAB Navigate ImplementationThe EAB implementation project began in March 2019 with identification of the project leadership team. CIT is participating in technical leadership and application administration. Key functional milestones will occur throughout the next 9-12 months.Student-centered Institution; Data-enabled DecisionsDecember 2019Complete to LinkedIn Learning
  • Lynda was purchased by LinkedIn
  • Geneseo will be migrated to LinkedIn Learning in July
  • Changes will not be transparent to the customers. The implementation and promotion team will use this opportunity to increase awareness.
Staff DevelopmentAugust 2019Complete
Jamf MigrationMigrating all campus Apple devices into Jamf to improve support, management capabilities, resilience, and compliance.Infrastructure & ArchitectureJan 2020Complete
Print Server Replacement ProjectSetting up a new print server with a more streamlined set of drivers for simpler operation.Operational ExcellenceJan 2020Complete
Establish Regular Computer Replacements for Academic AffairsEstablishing regular computer replacements for all of Academic Affairs will allow us to keep endpoint Total Cost of Ownership down by keeping devices circulating regularly Operational ExcellenceApril 2020In Process
MyGeneseo Portal ReplacementReplacing the uportal based portal with a PHP/Laravel based campus portal.
Sep 2019Complete
Intune/Co-ManagementAutomatic enrollment all Windows 10 computers in Co-Management. This is the framework for improved compliance/configuration/management capabilities of our campus owned Windows devices.Infrastructure & ArchitectureJuly 2020In Process
Establishing a Process to Improve Self Help DocumentationCreating a process to routinely review and update Self Help documents to make certain they are accurate and easy to parse.Student Centered InstitutionJan 2020Complete
SCCM Deployment MigrationMigrating from using MDT as the primary Windows deployment method to utilizing SCCM for all Windows deployments.

Infrastructure & Architecture

December 2019
Website AccessibilityOngoing project to make compliant with WCAG AA guidelines. CIT web staff and Digital Communications Manager are currently using SiteImprove to review/fix site problems. Targeting June to training campus web editors on use of SiteImprove.  OCR report draft has been completed (10/1/19).
Oct 2019Ongoing
InCommon SSO IntegrationWe completed the steps necessary to integrate with InCommon as am identity provider. This allows us to integrate much more easily with many resources and services.

Infrastructure & Architecture

August 2019Complete
Virtual Lab MigrationWe will complete migrating the virtual lab to ApportoTechnological EvolutionDec 2019In Progress
Network Core UpgradeWe are upgrading our core network hardware to new technology which will be supported by the manufacturer. Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological EvolutionAugust 2020In Progress
Voice Server Software UpgradesRegular upgrades to the software running on our voice servers keep system security current, bring new features, and allow for continued vendor support.Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological EvolutionAugust 2020Planning
Domain Server UpgradeWe are redesigning our campus domain name servers to be more resilient and better enable fail-over in a disaster scenario.Infrastructure & ArchitectureJanuary 2020Planning
Xtender v16 UpgradeWe are on a currently running on a de-supported version.  Infrastructure & ArchitectureOctober 2019Build/Test
EMS UpgradeThis involves a new windows server and new version of the EMS software.  The server has been built and the application upgrade is in progressInfrastructure & ArchitectureOctober 2019Build
Establish a process to track asset values in our computer inventory

Our goal is to, as automatically as possible, collect these financial data points on each machine in our inventory:

  • Acquisition Value (i.e. how much it cost to purchase it)
  • Current Value (i.e. how much it's worth currently in the device's useful life cycle)

Once that data is populated, we want to create an automated report that keeps those inventory fields up to date, and calculates the total AV and CV of the fleet on a fixed interval.

Data-enabled DecisionsJuly 2020In Progress
Wadsworth Auditorium Upgrades

Wadsworth Auditorium has several upgrades necessary:

  • Laser Projector w/HDMI connection (the existing projector is 9 years old)
  • Soft Goods / Fire Curtain (existing curtain is over 20 years old)

Technological Evolution

January 2020Planning
Removal of Windows 7 Computers from the network.
  • As of January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for devices running Windows 7.
  • Over the next year, devices must be upgraded to a supported version of Windows or replaced. 
  • Windows 7 devices will not be permitted on the network beginning
Information Security; Operational ExcellenceDecember 2019Completed
CRM AdvanceImplemented new CRM Advance (Ellucian) to replace Banner Advance system for Advancement/Alumni operationsAdvancementAugust 2019Completed
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