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Canvas Implementation and Training


Estimated Completion: Summer 2018

We migrated our Learning Management System from myCourses (Angel) to Canvas. All courses in Summer 2017 and beyond are taught with Canvas.

The next phase of the project includes ensuring all faculty are trained to fully utilize the features of Canvas. Our goals for 2017-2018 are increasing our published courses to 50%, increase instructor/student communication, and increase Gradebook usage.

Identity Management Upgrades

Estimated Completion: July 2017

We will be making enhancements to our identity management policies, practices, and code. We have been laying the groundwork so that users will have the ability to manage their own active directory groups, pending finding an acceptable user interface for this functionality. We also hope to add more automation around the deletion/disabling of users and handling of groups.

Telephone VOIP migration

Estimated Completion: Fall 2017

CIT is upgrading campus telephone service from a traditional PBX-based system to a "Voice over IP" solution. VoIP telephone service allows us to take advantage of server virtualization, offers us a strong disaster recovery position, and brings many more features to end users. All standard telephone stations have been replaced. Only non-standard devices, such as modems, credit card readers, and emergency phones are outstanding.

Banner 9 Forms

Estimated Completion: August 2017

Banner Admin (INB) v8 forms will be upgraded to version 9.  This is a major undertaking with introduction of major new components:

  • Eventual elimination of Java plugin architecture and Oracle forms which is becoming obsolete in next 12-18 months.
  • Single Sign-On for INB
  • ESM - New installation utility used to install all Banner products.
  • Application Navigator - allows navigation between v8 and v9 forms (until v8 forms are completely eliminated.
  • Banner 9 forms (pure web based pages - no plugins required).
  • Conversion of Geneseo specific Oracle forms.

The entire program may take 12-18 months to complete in its entirety but we are targeting August as the goal to have all the components live in production.

Banner 9 Forms Project Page

Ellucian Mobile

Estimated Completion: August 2017

Ellucian Mobile provides mobile application services for iOS and Android devices.  It provides built-in integration with Banner for information like courses, grades, registration, rosters, and notifications. It also integrates with the campus directory, event calendars, and any mobile friendly web pages.

We are currently beta testing using the Ellucian Go mobile application.  We are developing the branded mobile application with the goal of deploying it prior to summer orientation and using Orientation to introduce the application to the incoming freshman.  We will do a full campus announcement prior to Fall semester.

Excelsior Scholarship Implementation

Estimated Completion: August 2017

Perform data analysis of Geneseo student course credits and financial aid packages.  Implement software (from SICAS) to generate files for HESC to verify whether applicants for the scholarship qualify.  This project is very fluid and new requirements continue to be identified.

Learning Spaces Upgrades


Estimated Completion: Summer 2017

Technology was upgraded in learning spaces across campus.

TLP-Pro Touch Screen upgrades with switcher that supports digital signals: F-202a, S-336, and ISC-131 (also needed projector upgrade with appropriate digital input)

Worked with Systems & Networking to install an enterprise version of Extron Global Viewer for better monitoring of new “Pro” classroom systems.

More HDMI capable classrooms (ISC-136, N-212, N-213, and N-209)

Zoom room install for CLC classes (St-113) Projector upgrade, new ceiling microphones & camera install with new PC to support online Foreign Language classes.

Replaced traditional 4:3 manual screen in Newton 205 with Projectable white board (to support 16:9 projection, and allow simultaneous white board space).


Ongoing ProjectsEstimated CompletionDescription
Alice Austin (Brodie) Theater WiFi UpgradeFall 2017WiFi service in the Alice Austin theater in Brodie is to be improved by deploying additional transmitters in the back of the house.
Public Address System Upgrade in Milne LibraryFall 2017We are deploying internet-connected speakers and integrating those speakers with the Informacast paging system that is part of our campus telephone system in Milne Library to upgrade the building's public address system and integrate it with the campus mass notification system.
Replacement of all RedHat 5 based hosts.August 2017RedHat 5 based hosts are going end of support in July. All our linux hosts running a RedHat 5 derived operating system (approximately 40) need to be rebuilt using version 7.
Postgres v9 UpgradeAugust 2017

Migrate remaining Geneseo databases to the new Postgres server running v9. The migration has been delayed by higher priority projects. Still need to evaluate databases managed by individuals outside CIT.


Disaster Recovery PlanSummer 2017

Complete initial phase of documentation. Test current disaster recovery plan for critical information systems and infrastructure.

TLS 1.0 ObsolecenceFall 2017Eliminate use of TLS 1.0 SSL encryption algorithm on campus web servers.  This protocol has known security weaknesses and SUNY System Admin issued a memo indicating campuses should eliminate use of the protocol.

The (uPortal) service is targeted for updates in Sept/Oct 2016.
Veeam BackupJuly 2017Installation and configuration of new backup software for our Windows physical hosts and all our virtual machines. it will make our backups cheaper, faster, and more reliable. We hope to have all backups replacing the NetBackup systems by July.
Mailing list migrationJuly 2017All mailing lists are being migrated off mailman into google-groups or other mailing list management software.
AcademicWorks Scholarship Mgt Software ImplementationSpring 2017Integration between Banner and AcademicWorks scholarship mgt software
Admissions 2017-2018 Application Year Processing SoftwareJuly 2017
Admissions Online Checklist
Develop online checklist for items required to complete an application submission.
Admitted Students Checklist
Develop online checklist for items a new admitted student needs to complete prior to starting classes.
Advancement CRM ImplementationJuly 2018Advancement will be purchasing and implementing a CRM product as a replacement for Banner Advancement. Project is currently in vendor/product selection stage.  Advancement goal is to be live on new CRM by July 2018.
AOP Application Review Process ImprovementJuly 2018Developing methods to better automate application review for AOP and also to improve quality of data (e.g. single source vs redundant data)
AppWorx 12CSummer 2017
AppWorx UpgradeJuly 2017
Automate Change of Major Process
Automate workflow for student to initiate change of major, have it approved, and Banner be updated
Banner 9 FormsAugust 2017
Banner 9 Forms: Local form conversionsJanuary 2018
Banner 9 SSB New FeaturesSummer 2017Rosters, Academic Transcript, Menu/Landing Page
Banner Oracle 12c DBFall 2017
Banner Registration Load Testing and TuningSummer 2017
Banner Job Submission Via Oracle WalletJuly 2017Researching requirements and implementing in test environment.  This is required for Banner 9 forms.
Banner Reporting/DR DatabaseFall 2017
Banner SSB Product UpgradesSummer 2017
Banner SSOManager for INBMay 2017
BDMS/Xtender PurgesSummer 2017Need to purge documents from Banner Imaging product. Need to redo Admissions purge, and also BS-ID purge. We also need to discuss disk mgt for BDMS
Disaster Recovery for Banner
1. Improvements currently being made in backup/recovery.
2. Need to document, implement, and test disaster recovery. Current document is obsolete
Drupal 8 Upgrade


Drupal AnnouncementsJune 2017New content type to fill void of announcements/blogs/news
Employee Termination Sign-off ReportEarly SummerDevelop report to automatically notify designated departments regarding upcoming employee terminations. This will notify those departments who have "sign-off" processes for employees prior to termination of service.
Events List AutomationJuly 2017Automated email with daily events happening at Geneseo to replace events-l. This might also have some website aspects. Communications&Marketing wants to automate featured events on home page.
Excelsior Scholarship ImplementationAugust 2017Currently implementing SICAS software to generate files for HESC to verify which applicants qualify for the scholarship.
Fourwinds Digital Signage ImplementationFall 2017Upgrading all existing campus digital signage infrastructure to the Four Winds Interactive
Implement Preferred Name in Banner 9 SSB AppsSummer 2017Needs Banner SSB application version upgrades.
IT Asset Management (ITAM) AutomationFall 2017Automation of computer inventory updates to improve accuracy and reduce labor requirements RedesignFall 2017Developing core components for new Laravel/PHP based myGeneseo system. 
New Banapp1 ServerSpring 2017
PageBuilderEarly SummerImplement PageBuilder tool for building custom SSB pages
Postgres DB UpgradeSummer 2017Migrating remaining dbs to postgres9 server.
Redesign Mail Listserv Provisioning

SQR ConversionDecember 2018SQR will be de-supported on December 2018
Student Outcome Tracking

TLS 1.0 EliminationSummer 2017Need CAS 4.2 upgrade
University Policy Student Lookup Tool Enhancements

Update imodules website design
This may simply be a consulting role with Kristy as lead
Update jobs website design
This may simply be a consulting role with Kristy as lead
Completed Projects  
"Giant Voice" Mass Notification SystemAugust 2017We have extended our Informacast paging system to rooftop speaker arrays and into buildings where the fire alarm system has speakers aside bells and horns. This system replaces the mass notification system which was installed several years ago and which interfered with campus WiFi.
Softball Field WiFi ServiceAugust 2017We have deployed WiFi service to the softball field using a point-to-point wireless bridge because there is no underground infrastructure in the area so that softball games can be streamed on the Internet.
Deploy Dedicated Credit Card NetworkAugust 2017We have deployed a private network exclusively for credit card transactions to maintain the highest level of security for campus credit card transactions.
Disabled SMB V1 and the LM/NTLMv1June 2017As part of the precautions against WannaCry ransomware, we disabled SMBv1 and NTLMv1. We did not experience any infections of our servers or infrastructure.
Central Authentication Server (CAS) Upgrade to version 4.2June 2017Upgraded CAS and all services that depend on the service to a newer more secure version.
Puppet Enterprise InstallationOctober 2016Puppet Enterprise was deployed, replacing our installation of the open source version of Puppet. This has enabled much better code management, automation features, testing and flexibility to our server infrastructure.
Knowbe4 phishing campaignsMay 2017Setup, configure, and perform our first fishing campaign with KnowBe4 software. This will enable us to track our user education efforts around phishing.
DegreeWorks 4.1.6 Upgrade7/10/2017Reapply Localizations
Ellucian Mobile Branded ApplicationJune 2017
Ellucian Mobile LaunchJune 2017Launch with summer orientation
CAS 4.2 UpgradeJune 2017
BDMS/Xtender UpgradeMay 2017Product requires upgrade.  May be needed for Banner 9.  Will involve single sign-on implementation.
LMS Migration from Angel to CanvasMay 2017We migrated our Learning Management System from myCourses (Angel) to Canvas. All courses in Summer 2017 and beyond are taught with Canvas.
PNC Billing Automation with BannerApril 2017Integrate PNC Billing Charge feed into Banner Student Accounts.  Charges automatically added to student bills.
Wireless Network UpgradeSpring 2017During the summer of 2016, CIT replaced over 800 of our oldest wireless access points all across campus with new access points that offer the faster 802.11ac service and which provide more reliable networking to a greater number of clients. These new access points also provide better coverage. South campus residence halls were partially upgraded in the summer of 2015, but higher demands for wireless service prevented us from decommissioning the existing older transmitters. Further upgrades are necessary in other buildings and locations across the campus.
Steuben Wireless Network UpgradeSummer 2017

WiFi service in Steuben residence has been improved by deploying transmitters in every student room.

Sturges Wireless Network UpgradeSummer 2017We have redeployed WiFi transmitters in Sturges to provide an improved experience to users in this building.
Emergency Phone Validation and RepairSpring 2016All our emergency phones must be audited for age and performance, after which we will replace telephones or infrastructure as necessary. Many of our older emergency phones are not compatible with our new VoIP infrastructure.
Teaching Space UpgradesDecember 2016Newton 202/204/214 - digital classroom and matrix switch upgrades
Internet Bandwidth, Firewall, and Intrusion Prevention System UpgradesJune 2016We increased the capacity of the campus Internet connection from an aggregate of 2.1 gigabits per second to an aggregate of 3.1 gigabits per second in August 2015. This increase required replacement of the campus Internet router, intrusion prevention system, and firewall, as none of our previous systems could support the higher capacity.
InCommon Certificate ManagementDecember 2016We are enrolled in, and using InCommon, for unlimited free SSL certificates, we recently replaced our expiring * SSL certificate across 30+ hosts with new certificates.
Storage UpgradeDecember 2015

Upgrade storage to faster more reliable storage to improve service of files and all of our servers. After working out several issues migrations are all scheduled for the end of November and early December.


Educational Technology Suite (South 225) UpgradesMarch 2016We are remodeling the former HelpDesk / Public Lab space to be a collaborative Educational Technology area for faculty training and development.
HelpDesk Portal and JIRAJanuary 2016We are replacing our existing ticket tracking software ( with a new customer focused portal. The portal will integrate with our existing self help documents to provide suggestions to customers at request time. In addition, the new portal will allow us to perform more advanced metrics allowing us to monitor our time to response and time to resolution in real time. JIRA will also bring much better project management to the department, allowing us to explore agile methodologies as well as to automate and much better track many manual processes. After roll out to our department, we hope to expand the customer service portal to other departments at the college. Project page
Geneseo Experimental SpaceOctober 2015South Hall 341 has become an Experimental Space. Currently an exploration of 3D printing is happening in the space. The space is open for creative study to innovate, experiment, tinker, learn and apply 3D printing. Hours are Wednesday 4 - 8 p.m., Friday noon - 3 p.m. and Sunday 6 - 9 p.m.
SUNY SOC (Security Operations Center)September 2015We have implemented the software that the SUNY SOC (Security Operations Center) provided. It is scanning our hosts and providing us with reports we could access. However the software has proved to be almost useless for assessing our linux hosts because it cannot filter out already patched vulnerabilities making the reports essentially useless. We have filed an feature enhancement request but until it is completed we have mostly stopped using the software.
Network Core ReconfigurationAugust 2015We reprogrammed the campus network core to improve the campus' disaster-recovery position. The campus is now better positioned to endure network outages.
Welles 121/123 - digital classroom upgradesAugust 2015Digital capability added to classroom, with Blu-Ray player included in new system. TouchLink control panel for controlling system.  HDMI connection available at the desktop.  Wolf Document camera & VGA connection still available (analog VCR removed).
Brodie 208/217 - SmartBox installationsAugust 2015Br-217 was an all-new installation, with a new ceiling mounted projector & SmartBox added (with DVD/VCR inside).  Br-208 was changed from full smart classroom to a SmartBox room, to minimize clutter from the old roll-around cart.  SmartBox installations were completed & ready for fall classes.
gPrintSummer 2015increased availability of gPrint on campus so that students could use it in dorms and many new public access printers. A promotional campaign was also run to increase awareness of this tool.
Manual Release PrintingJan 2017Instituted a policy of Manual Release and specific printer drivers and queues in order to increase printer reliability, improve quality, and decrease abandoned print jobs.
Computer Lab UpgradesSummer 2016New computers for Milne Library, South 341, ISC (Geology, Astronomy), and Bailey (Psychology)
Academic Computer ReplacementSummer 2016New computer upgrades for academic faculty with 3-year and older laptops.
Academic Computer ReplacementSummer 2017New computer upgrades for academic faculty with 4-year and older laptops.
MBAM 2.5 ImplementationApril 2017

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) provides enterprise management capabilities for BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. MBAM simplifies deployment and key recovery, provides centralized compliance monitoring and reporting, and minimizes the costs associated with provisioning and supporting encrypted drives.

SCCM 1702May 2017Upgrading to the latest version of SCCM to provide the latest in remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection and hardware and software inventory.
NoMAD DeploymentMarch 2017Deployed NoMAD to add functionality and fix password issues on domain bound Macs.
Insight Software DatabaseJuly 2016Created and populated an online relational database of software used by faculty and staff
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