SUNY Digital Learning Environment (DLE)


Estimated Completion: Summer 2023

Fall 2022: CIT teams are configuring Geneseo's Brightspace instance to connect information from Banner in preparation for a pilot of 45 classes in Spring 2023. Faculty and instructional designers are participating in training.

SUNY recently selected Desire2Learn’s (D2L) Brightspace Learning Management System to serve as the hub of its Digital Learning Environment. 

With the transition to D2L’s Brightspace, SUNY envisions a dynamic opportunity to unify the digital learning environment within which all SUNY campuses operate: a common LMS application; a central architecture with common data structures; common templates; a common set of online tools integrated with the LMS (right now there is much redundancy across the System); and a common integration for data.

For an update on this project, please follow this wiki page.

SUNY Print Initative

Estimated Completion: June 2023

SUNY has initiated a project and policy to standardize printing across the university, encourage sustainable practices, and reduce the cost of printing on campuses. 

SUNY Goals

  • Establish system-wide print defaults and standards;
  • Limit printing to items essential for academic instruction or required to perform and complete University business needs (e.g. reports or forms for submission to Federal or State agencies, etc.);
  • Achieve University sustainability goals to reduce the University’s paper, energy use and carbon footprint;
  • Deploy University approved software to monitor usage by individual, application, department, and device; and
  • Have campuses centralize their print budget.

Geneseo Goals

  • Provide access to a sustainable printing environment that securely meets the needs of our community
  • Reduce the number of printers by at least 50%
  • Reduce the amount of color printing
  • Require user authentication at the printer to release jobs
CIT DEI Initiatives


  • Double our participation in the Advancing Cultural Competency Certificate  (ACCC) program. 
  • 100% compliance with Safe Zone training
  • Review and correct the language used within Self Help documentation to ensure language appropriate for a campus prioritizing DEI issues.
  • Expand advertising for student employment opportunities to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students.
  • Establish a connection and regular meetings with the Student Association (SA) focused on DEI issues to determine how CIT can improve services.
  • Analyze MISO survey data to understand how racial and gender identity information impacts community experiences with our services.
  • Participate in the Educause CIO’s Commitment on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Auditing of Sponsored and Generic Accounts

Estimated Completion: Winter 2023

  • Auditing of Retirees and Courtesy accounts is happening now
  • Auditing of over 1,200 Generic and sponsored accounts will commence in the Fall, Building system for ongoing auditing
  • Implementing Multi-factor authentication for Generic accounts
  • Limiting services on accounts to just what they use
Implementing System Compliance/Posture Assessment

Estimated Completion:  June 2023

We are planning for the implementation of minimum requirements that any computer must meet before it is allowed to connect to the campus network or access key resources.

Wireless Network Upgrade

Estimated Completion:  June 2023

We are replacing all our wireless transmitters on campus with new hardware. The new transmitters bring WiFi service directly into every single residence hall room and and optimized for modern phones, tablets, and computers. WiFi will be faster, more secure, and more reliable. Supply-chain issues have slowed project implementation.

Softphones inside MS Teams

Estimated Completion:  Summer 2024

We are beginning work towards reducing the number of phones on our campus and transitioning telephone service into MS Teams. This will improve our disaster recovery capabilities and improve our business continuity posture.

Milne Library Remodel

Estimated Completion: Fall 2024

Several functional areas of CIT are involved in this large project. We are working closely with Facilities Planning on:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Classroom technology
  • Classroom furnishings
Atlassian Cloud Migration

Estimated Completion: January 2024

CIT is moving our Atlassian servers (JIRA, Insight, Confluence) to the cloud. Atlassian has deprecated the self-hosted option for their products. This includes our inventory, housed in Insight. 

JIRA and Insight migrations were completed in July 2022. Confluence wiki spaces have undergone a review to ensure we are only moving active spaces. CIT is exploring licensing options and alternatives.

Student Course Evaluation Surveys

Estimated Completion: January 2024

Completely replace the SOFI Surveys with the new Student Course Evaluation (SCE) surveys.  This included new surveys pages, new administrative and reporting processes, and new knightweb pages for displaying the reports.  We also converted to knightweb 9x technology during this project.


RapidIdentity Cloud Migration


Estimated Completion: May 2023

Migrate our on premise RapidIdentity infrastructure to their cloud hosted offering. The RapidIdentity cloud includes a metabase to hold account information, so the migration includes rewriting all our existing Identity Management code. An engineer from Identity Automation is translating our code to their cloud instance. We expect to start User Acceptance Testing in February 2023, and switch over to cloud in production when we are satisfied with testing results.

CIT Projects – ongoing & completed

CIT Projects are aligned with our Strategic Goals 2022-2023

  • Operational Excellence
  • Student-centered Institution
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure & Architecture
  • Staff Development
  • Technological Evolution
  • Data-enabled Decisions

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Lenel Onbase Card Access Integration with Banner

Partnering with Facility Services and third party card access vendor to provide integration for students and on-campus housing access

Student-centered Institution,

Operational Excellence

Accomodate Banner Data Integration

Accessibility Services is implementing a new accessibility accommodation solution from Symplicity.  This includes data feeds from Banner to Accommodate and a feed back to Banner for student disabilities. Stage 1 (banner-to-accommodate) is complete.  We are waiting on Symplicity for stage 2.

Student-centered Institution,

Operational Excellence

Banner Finance Installation

Ellucian will be installing Banner Finance.  Geneseo is going to implement the SICAS URAS (Universal Revenue Accounting System used by most SUNY campuses for Revenue reporting. This installation is step1.

Operational Excellence2023-03Ongoing Laravel Redesign

Redesign the into a Laravel/PHP application.  Includes new features for self-tuning and purging obsolete go urls.  Needed for security and technical currency.

Operational Excellence, Information Security

Housing Assignment Workflow Improvements

Improve ability of staff to manage housing assignments

Operational Excellence2023-02Ongoing
DegreeWorks Transfer Equivalency Self-Service

Make it easier for students to see how their degree would be completed (including potential timelines) if they attend Geneseo

Student-centered Institution2023-02Ongoing
AppWorx Upgrades

Applying a variety of upgrades including Oracle database 19c, AppWorx 9.4.3, and updated Java client distribution

Operational Excellence, Information Security2023-02Ongoing
Preferred Name Upgrades

The "preferred name" request form has been renamed to the "nameChangeForm" with new updated instructions and copy.  The approval process has been removed.

Student-centered Institution2023-01Complete
Preferred Name Import from Slate to Banner

Applicants can specify a preferred name in the Slate portal and this name is imported into Banner as a preferred name to be used on campus for admitted students

Student-centered Institution2023-01Complete
OPSCAN Upgrade

Upgrade the OPSCAN Optical Test scanning (bubble scanning) environment.  The PC was replaced, Upgrade reporting software to Remark Classic OMR 7, Replaced old automation solution with  Remark's Automation Center, and replaced old Perl scripts with Powershell.  These changes provided significant improvements in security, performance, and cost of maintenance.

Operational Excellence, Information Security2022-12Complete
SUNYHR Feedback File Process Upgrade

Implemented the new java version of GORYSHR the SUNYHR file import process and substantially redesigned the workflow for improved maintanance.

Operational Excellence2023-01Complete
Financial Aid Packaging Processes and Award Letters

Implementation of all the various process including packaging, generation of a brand new custom award letter, and other related processes for the 2022-2023 aid year

Student-centered Institution

Adobe Sign

The campus is switching to the Adobe Sign electronic signature platform during summer 2022. We provided access and conducted basic Q&A session and training demos for everyone currently using Docusign.  

Geneseo is changing to Adobe Sign to leverage the SUNY contract for cost savings and also to benefit from collaboration and support with SUNY peers.

Operational Excellence2022-09Complete
Voice Server UpgradesVoice system upgrades bring new features, stability, and address security concerns.Technological Evolution, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure & Architecture, Information Security2023-08In Progress
Sturges Remodel

Several functional areas of CIT are involved in this large project. We are working closely with Facilities Planning on:

Network infrastructure
Classroom technology
Classroom furnishings

Technological Evolution, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure & Architecture, Information Security2024-08In Progress
XMedius Fax Service

This new service will provide network-based centralized fax service for the campus. Toshiba MFDs will no longer need an analog telephone line to send and receive fax transmissions, users can send fax transmissions from their desk, and there will be a web portal available to the campus to use for sending fax transmissions. This service allows CIT to retire nearly all of the failing analog telephone infrastructure on campus. Project completion is linked to the print initiative project.

Technological Evolution, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure & Architecture2023-08In Progress
Security Vulnerability Reviews

The CIT Security team conducts a vulnerability review for services provided by CIT and the library.  Scanning tools, services, and external security notifications are used to identity potential security holes or weaknesses to be resolved.  The cross-functional team works together to prioritize and assign tasks to individuals to resolve the problems.  Meetings are conducted monthly and as needed for more timely issues.

Information Security2022-06Ongoing
Analytical/Reporting Database ReportingResearch, analysis, training, and initiation of prototype for Analytical/Reporting solution for Banner database in partnership with IRData-enabled Decisions2022-06Ongoing
SQR ConversionWe continue to replace or obsolete the remaining SQR programs.Technological Evolution, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure & Architecture2022-06Ongoing
PHP/Laravel UpgradesUpgrade custom web applications to Laravel 8 and PHP8.  Approx 60% of existing apps migrated so far.  Everything must be on PHP 8.x before 4.1 as 7x is end of life.Technological Evolution, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure & Architecture, Information Security2022-06Ongoing
Microsoft Azure OAUTH Single Sign-On for Web AppsConvert custom web applications such as my.geneseo, GOLD, and others to use Microsoft Azure OAUTH Single Sign-On.  They have previously been using CAS.Technological Evolution2022-06Ongoing
KnightWeb 9.x Conversion and Dynamic SitesEllucian is discontinuing support for the current v8.x knightweb pages and menus.   and also developing a new dynamic version of the sites service to replace the use of the knightweb menus.  The new sites service introduces new search and navigation capability along with a significant increase in the number of sites links.

Technological Evolution2022-06Ongoing
KnightWeb 9.x Page ConversionWe are migrating the 8.x pages to new technology (PageBuilder and Laravel).Technological Evolution2024-06Ongoing
Business School DegreeWorks GOLD IntegrationDeveloped automated integration to record completion of School of Business required Professional Development workshops.Operational Excellence2022-11Complete
IR Reporting SupportThe IR office underwent significant staffing changes including a new director.  Support was provided both in the form of consulting and programming to help support the transition and current reduced IR staff.Data-enabled Decisions2022-06Ongoing
Financial Aid Student Outcome Tracking AdminstrationUpdate and manage the processes required to complete with Federal and NYS guidelines for student degree processStudent-centered Institution, Operational Excellence2022-05Complete
Student Course Evaluation  Surveys

Completely refactor the SOFI Surveys to the new Student Course Evaluation (SCE) surveys.  This included new surveys, new administrative and reporting processes, and new knightweb pages for displaying the reports.  We converted to knightweb 9x technology during this project.

Student-centered Institution, Technological Evolution

Global ID ConversionSupport system changes associated with the SUNY Global ID conversion.Technological Evolution, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure & Architecture2022-03Complete
Ask CITImproving awareness and use of our services by adopting an "Ask CIT" customer service mindset.Operational Excellence; Staff Development2021-12In Progress
Domain Name Server upgradeUpgrades to our DNS servers will greatly improve our DR/BC posture.Infrastructure & Architecture; Information Security2022-09In Progress
Credit card processing network upgradeThe network on campus used exclusively for credit card processing can be reconfigured and upgraded to support more devices with a lower annual cost.Infrastructure & Architecture; Information Security; Technological Evolution2022-08In Progress
Carillon ConversionWith the upcoming of the Sturges renovation, the college carillon is being converted to a digital system run by CIT out of Wadsworth.Infrastructure & Architecture2022-08In Progress
Centralized Fax SolutionWe are implementing a centralized fax solution that provides a fax web portal, allows for fax-from-the-desktop, and removes the dependency on traditional analog telephone cables required for traditional fax services. Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological Evolution2021-12Ongoing
Voice Server Software UpgradesRegular upgrades to the software running on our voice servers keep system security current, bring new features, and allow for continued vendor support.Infrastructure & Architecture; Technological Evolution2021-08Planning
Establish Processes for Hardware Lifecycle ServicesTo streamline the management of client endpoints. Improving our ability to get rid of endpoints in the field that are 7+ years old by developing a process to inform clients with a visually appealing reportData-enabled Decisions2021-11In Progress
Banner and Oracle Administration and Upgrades

The Banner and Oracle environment requires daily maintenance and support to maintain proper service levels.   Releases and patches are applied to Banner and Oracle on a regular basis keep the software current in terms of functionality, security, and performance.

Banner releases: 175
Banner patches: 282
Oracle releases and patches: 26

Operational Excellence, Information Security2023-06Ongoing
Disaster RecoveryThe Disaster Recovery team works to make continuous improvement to our business continuity processes for infrastructure and applications such as  Banner environment: documentation, test restores, training, table topsOperational Excellence2022-06Ongoing
SOFIsManage process to collect SOFI (student opinion of faculty instruction) surveys and reports.  Occurs each semester including summer and intersession.Student-centered Institution2022-04
Windows 11 DeploymentDeveloping a method to deploy and support Windows 11 endpoints.

Technological Evolution

Removing Windows 8To keep our network secure, we must upgrade/remove/disconnect all Windows 8 endpoints before they go End-Of-Life in Jan of 2023

Information Security

Windows RetrofitTo manage endpoints more effectively and expand our ability to manage off network endpoints, we are moving our windows endpoint management solution to the cloud.

Technological Evolution

Summer 2022In Progress
Files Server Migration to the CloudTo decrease cost, improve secure access to key files, and improve interdepartmental collaboration, we will assist departments in moving their current files from our on premises files server to Microsoft OneDrive.

Technological Evolution

Oct 2023In Progress
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