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Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg

Much of what CIT does to provide technology services for Geneseo happens behind the scenes. In presenting our 2018-2019 annual report, I’d like to share with you a glimpse of our invisible world.

It’s early dawn on a Thursday, CIT’s maintenance window, when work begins on upgrades, changes, installations, system reboots, problem-solving, or any action that might affect the availability of a service. CIT prides itself on service availability and most of the work it takes to keep our systems up-to-date and secure, happens when most people are still in bed.

Planning is fundamental in technology. We ask questions such as: What are the requirements?, How should we do it?, What will it affect?, How long will it take?, and Who should do it?. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning never end. Technology outages are inevitable and being ready with a quick response and communication plan and then following up with a retrospective is crucial.

Technology is always changing. Formal training and self-teaching is important. Professional development increases the value of CIT and its ability to respond to the College’s changing business needs. Professional development helps retain our staff and grow our expertise. Training and development is a CIT priority and every staff member participates in some form of development each year. CIT staff are also very involved in service to Geneseo, SUNY and other technology organizations. A compiled listing CIT Professional Development & Service 2018-2019 is in this report.

CIT’s Vision is “to be an innovative information technology department that aspires to provide reliable creative solutions, to be a transformative influence and to empower our campus community.” Technology can engage, connect, empower, and enhance how we teach, learn, and work. Our constant effort is to leverage our experience to partner with you to find creative solutions for your ideas and challenges. This annual report gives you a more in-depth look at what’s beneath the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy

Sue Chichester, CIO


About CIT

CIT’s Vision is to be an innovative information technology department that aspires to provide reliable creative solutions, to be a transformative influence, and to empower our campus community. 

CIT's Mission is to provide outstanding leadership and technology support in pursuit of the mission and goals of the college.


Outstanding Service: Be a trusted source for outstanding service and sound guidance.

Knowledge and Experience: Develop knowledge and experience through a commitment to professional development and training.

Partnership: Collaborate to advance teaching, learning, innovation and discovery.

Reliability: Provide secure and reliable infrastructure.

Stimulate imagination: Find innovative solutions through the use of new or existing technologies

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