CIT Annual Report 2013

Message from the CIO

Sue Chichester
Chief Information Officer & Director, CIT

Sometimes you just need to be a sheep. In January, Geneseo followed the masses and moved to Google for all email. Our community, for the most part, was eager to make the move and will benefit most from Gmail’s generous storage allocation and better spam filtering.

This past year was a year for many improvements. We doubled the number of wireless access points in the residence halls to provide near 100% coverage for our students that live on campus. We also increased our bandwidth to the Internet to 650 Mbps in January and are actively working to move to 1 Gbps for Fall 2013. We are continuing our migration to VoIP for telephones and staff moving to the Doty building will be our largest group to make the change. CIT collaborated with Procurement Services and Toshiba Business Solutions to implement a Printer Optimization Program. Our goals were to improve printer services to our community by providing everyone with the ability to print, fax, scan-to-email, and color print to a device that is located within a reasonable distance from their desk, to consolidate printers and discontinue inkjet printing, and to achieve cost savings. This is a major change to our printer culture and it will be awhile before enterprise printing becomes a given on campus.

For the coming year, we have plans for a major upgrade to our network core, continue the migration to VoIP for telephone, provide all classroom and network technology for the Bailey renovation, provide technology for the Letchworth dining hall renovation, purchase Evisions Argos report writer and begin to build expertise, and move to the new KnightWeb user interface.


Photo by Linda Ludlum, Geneseo's Database Administrator