CIT Assessment Program



Criteria For Success



  • Establish a customer satisfaction baseline for assessment purposes;
  • Find out how our community rates services and support provided by CIT;
  • Ascertain factors that contribute to client satisfaction or dissatisfaction; and
  • Give our community a voice to influence CIT Services priorities and potential initiatives.
  • Our ultimate goal is to provide an excellent experience that supports the teaching, learning, and business needs of the Geneseo community.
  • Determine how to get value from comparative survey results.
  • Partner with Milne Library and participate in the MISO survey. The MISO Survey is a web-based quantitative survey designed to measure how faculty, students, and staff view library and computing services in higher education. 
  • We are able to quantify whether our customer's needs are met.
  • We are able to quantify whether our customer's are satisfied.
Conduct a customer satisfaction and needs survey to all account holders in March 2012.

We participated in the 2014 MISO survey. Thirty-nine colleges participated in the survey this year.

This was our first time using the MISO survey. One of the reasons that we were interested in MISO was because of the comparative data we would receive from other participants. At this point, we are planning on surveying the students every two years and the faculty and staff every four years. The MISO is a long survey and this was the most often heard complaint. Overall many positive written comments were provided through the survey. Some individual staff were even called out by name in a positive way. Forty-nine students provided written comments. Of the 49 comments, 17 of them were complaints about printing and seven were on dissatisfaction with the wireless network. Staff provided 21 written comments and many were accolades for the 7 CIT 2014 MISO Survey CIT staff. Six comments pertained to the survey itself and three comments requested more training. Faculty provided 16 comments and four of them related to the library, seven to the survey itself and four positive comments about CIT staff and one was a suggestion on storage.

Followup work gleaned from the results include focusing on the wireless network, printing, Internet, HelpDesk, Communication, mobile delivery and training. More details can be found in the Executive Summary below.

While we explored the comparative MISO results, we did not come up with a strategy to bring value to these results.

Survey 2014 Executive Summary

Responses from Students

Responses from Faculty

Responses from Staff







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