CIT Assessment Program



Criteria For Success



    • Compare last years responses to this years responses;
    • Determine if survey responses reflect improvements based on the follow-up work identified in the 2012 Executive Summary;
    • Identity factors that contribute to client satisfaction or dissatisfaction; and
    • Give our community a voice to influence CIT Services priorities and potential initiatives.
    • Our primary goal is to provide an excellent experience that supports the teaching, learning, and business needs of the Geneseo community.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Needs Survey to all Geneseo account holders. 
  • We are able to quantify whether our customer's needs are met.
  • We are able to quantify whether our customer's are satisfied.
Conduct a customer satisfaction and needs survey to all account holders in March 2012.

We conducted a survey. The survey contained 26 questions spanning a range of topics, including customer service, email, general support, HelpDesk, mobile access and other CIT services. Links to PDFs of Complete Results are available below.The word cloud is a visual depiction of the comments received.





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