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Below is an (incomplete) list of Argos datablocks accessible to Department Chairs and Secretaries.

Argos → DepartmentChairs Datablock Summaries

Datablock NameDescription
Academic Department AssignmentsDepartment assignment, FT/PT Status
Advisors and Advisees
  • List and counts of advisees for each advisor
  • Students without an advisor
  • Former students still assigned an advisor
All Staff By DepartmentEmployee titles and education
Cohort Tracking SummaryOutcome (Graduation, still enrolled, etc) of a particular group of incoming students.
Course Count by Instructor TitleCount of courses by department, FT/PT status, and instructor title.
Course Enrollment Counts

Identify courses at or below a certain enrollment.

Also list crosslisted and similar courses

Course List By InstructorCourse assignments by department and instructor
Gen Ed EnrollmentCourses meeting Gen Ed requirements for a certain semester
Gen Ed TimingWhat was the class year of students taking particular Gen Ed fulfilling courses?
Grade Change ReportLists grade changes for instructors in my department
Grade DistributionsFind grade distributions for a list of students, department, subject, course, etc.
Graduate GPA RankList cumulative GPAs for a particular major and subject. Can be used to determine where a student's gpa falls within a certain range.
Graduates ExtractGraduates by major/minor/concentration for a particular term.
Honors CoursesHonors courses enrollment by student
Secretary Class ListList of students enrolled in a course. Can be used to email students about a class cancellation.
Students Extract

List students by major/minor/concentration.

  • Student information (admission term, gpa, credits, expected graduation date, etc)
  • Student Schedule
  • Subject/Course registrations (past/present/future, transfer)
  • Grade Lookup (determine if students failed to meet a grade cutoff for a certain course)

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