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ArcGIS Pro is the Ersi software used to analyze spatial data.

Steps for Windows

  1. Download ArcGISPro_24_169232 from
  2. Once the file finishes downloading, navigate to your downloads folder and double click on ArcGISPro_24_169232
  3. Click Next.
  4. Leave the "Launch the setup program" box checked and click "Close".
  5. When the new installer starts up, click "Next".
  6. Accept the Master Agreement, then click "Next".
  7. Either option is fine. The first one will install ArcGIS Pro for everyone on your computer and the second installs it only for your user account. Click "Next".
  8. Click "Next".

    The install path may look different if you selected to install only for your user account in the previous step.

  9. Uncheck the box to participate. Click "Install". You may be prompted for your administrator password at this point.
  10. Leave the box checked to "Run ArcGIS Pro now", then click "Finish".
  11. When ArcGIS Pro launches, click "Configure your licensing options".
  12. Select "Concurrent Use License" from the dropdown box. Leave the License Level at "Advanced". In the License Manager field, enter Click "OK".
  13. Click "OK".
  14. Open ArcGIS Pro. The program is now installed.


  1. ArcGIS Pro will only see the license server if you have a working campus internet connection. If off-campus, you must establish a VPN connection in order for ArcGIS Pro to launch.
  2. There is no macOS version of ArcGIS Pro.

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