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CIT recommends adding a security site exception for the production Banner Forms service in Java to prevent problems associated with expired certificates for Oracle Forms.

These steps are not necessary for Banner 9. Banner 9 no longer requires Java on the client computer.

As of 5/22/2019 there are a half-dozen or so Banner 8 INB forms that haven't yet been converted to Banner 9. So some users are still using Banner 8.


Use the following procedure to add a site exception on the Security Tab in the Java Control Panel:

  1. Read the following article for steps to add a security exception.
  2. Open the Java Control Panel
    1. Windows:  Control panel → Programs → Java (32-bit)   or   Control panel → Java (32-bit)
    2. MacOS: System Preferences → Java
  3. Go to the Security Tab in the Java Control Panel
  4. Click Edit Site List...
  5. Click the Add button
  6. Add the following url as a site exception:
  7. Click OK.

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