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Accomplishments 2014-2015

These accomplishments are based on our IT Priorities for 2014-2015

1. Teaching/Learning Environment
Project / Service
Completion Date
Learning Spaces

Bailey Renovation

Newton Innovation Center

New Teaching Technologies

Blackboard Collaborate, video conferencing. Easy to use within myCourses.

Top Hat, instant response system. Geneseo licensed an 840 student use license of Top Hat instant response system. Ten faculty with 907 students used Top Hat in Fall 2014 and 11 faculty used it will 1104 students in spring 2015. We are working with the SUNY CCIO contracts committee to work with Top Hat to put a SUNY agreement in place that can reduce our costs.


Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT) 2015, May 2015 hosted by Geneseo

Total Attendees: 437; Total # Presentations: 152

SUNY Schools Represented: 55 Non-SUNY Schools Represented: 20


Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

21st Century Learning Environments

The Open Educator

Access, Completion, and Success

Keeping the Lights On: Infrastructure & Support

Vendors Participating: 29

TrainingThe following training was offered throughout the year: myCourses, Top Hat, Flipped Classrooms, Windows 8 Overview, Using Blackboard Collaborate within myCourses, Google Apps for Education courses, Voice Thread, Turnitin, Prezi 
IITG Grant SupportTwo augmented reality (AR) sandboxes were built to help students understand topology and watershed maps. 
Research ComputingResearch Computing 2014.docx 
2. Identity Management/Federation
Project / Service
Completion Date
Identity Management: Banner/HR services to support account creation and directory informationRewrote our entire account management process to streamline it, make it more extensible, and easier to use. We can now batch create users as well as create users far more often (every 6 hours instead of every 24 hours) and we can search data as it is updated from banner opening the door for us to update even more often if in the future. This will also open the door to more self service account management and lowering staff time spent on account management tasks.June 2015
Recovery Email for PIN/Password RestImplemented new option for Knightweb PIN and Geneseo Password self-service resets.  Gives users a new alternative to the "SSN based" reset option which helps students who do not have an SSN.  It is also much easier for newly admitted students to use and reduces support overhead.Fall 2014
3. Analytics to help drive critical institutional decisions and outcomes
Project / Service
Completion Date
Admissions ProfileProvides Enrollment Services administrators and Admissions counselors with dashboard of key statistics related to application processing.September 2014
Advancement: Fundraising Analytics Data SupportDeveloped various process to support fund raising analytics and reporting 
Advancement: Implement population queries to support fund raising analyticsImplemented populations which identify groups with common interests, giving history, or other categorizations to support fund raising analytics 
Athletics Grade Report and ExtractsOperational support for AD staff 
4. Campus Business Process Improvements
Project / Service
Completion Date
Admissions Application Workflow EnhancementsProvided various enhancements including consolidation and simplification of Argos UI. Enhanced support for groups like AOP and ISSS 
Admissions Audio Tour UpdateImplemented new audio files and added new locations for the online Admissions audio "walking" tour.August 2014
Admissions Tour Calendar EnhancementsProvided variety of enhancements to support new tour opportunities and to improve usability of the calendar.Summer 2014
Advancement: 2014 Honor Roll of DonorsAcknowledgment of donor contributionsSeptember 2014
Advancement: Gift Import processImplemented process to import Gifts from the Web and Payroll Deposit into Banner 
Advancement: Online Volunteer Process
Implemented online process within Knightweb and Banner for Advancement to manage fund raising volunteers Fall 2014
Banner Advancement - Alumni address, email, and phone updatesImplemented many automated processes and corrections to Improve accuracy of alumni contact information and therefore improving communication with Alumni 
Banner Document Mgt - Import Financial AidAward LettersEfficiency and accuracy of student academic record.February 2015
Banner Document Mgt - Import  DegreeWorks Degree EvaluationsEfficiency and accuracy of student academic record.May 2015
Banner Financial Aid Verification Process Enhancements October 2014
Banner Holds Web PageCreated a web page on the Dean's website to describe individual Banner holds that get placed on student accounts. This was done to provide students with detailed information allowing them to better determine how to get their hold removed.Fall 2014
Banner - Redesigned Withdrawal and Leave Business ProcessAssisted Enrollment Services in designing and implementing a new business process for managing and reporting on student withdrawals and leave's of absence.Fall 2014
Banner XE Faculty Grade EntryNew Banner XE Faculty Grade Entry module improves efficiency and accuracy of grading process for faculty.July 2014
Banner XE Student Advising ProfileNew Banner XE Student Advising Profile module makes it much easier for advisers to see key information about their advisee's academic recordJuly 2014
Banner XE RegistrationImplemented new Banner XE Student Self-service Registration module with added functionality and significant improvements in usability.June 2015
Barnes and NobleProvided support for campus selection of new book store partner including the RFP Selection process and campus integration.May 2015
Business School Professional Development Events EnhancementsProvided security improvements, new search options, and support for historical reporting on graduated students.Spring 2015
Campus Clarity Export and HoldsProvided additional support for Campus Clarity integration with Banner and management of student holds to ensure timely compliance with mandatory student training.August 2014
Chemistry Online Waste Reporting FormHelp provide mandatory campus reporting for waste in more efficient and reliable manner.June 2015
Dance and Theatre Alumni Web PagesImplemented alumni pages for Dance and Theatre websiteFall 2014
Degree Works ImplementationImplemented new degree audit module that provides students and advisers with significant improvement in functionality to help them manage the student's academic program.Fall 2015
Directed Study Request Form EnhancementsProvided enhancements to business rules and workflow efficiency.January 2015
Drupal CMS Faculty Page Course EnhancementsProvided method to list courses on an instructors page based on the courses they are currently teaching in Banner. Greatly reduces manual maintenance and also guarantees more accurate information on faculty web pages.October 2014
Drupal CMS Image SupportProvided new method for managing images on web pages which is easier for content editors to understand.Fall 2014
Edgars Fellows Application WorkflowProvided Redesigned Workflow for Edgars Fellows Application using Google Applications to streamline the committee's decision processingFebruary 2015  RedesignImplemented new responsive design website for with significantly enhanced visual appeal and support for mobile platformsMarch 2015
GOLD EnhancementsProvided many enhancements to GOLD system including Administrative efficiency, new search features, improved search efficiency, better UI integration between GOLD website and workshop registration, security improvements, and other enhancements 
Graduate AdmissionsProvided wide variety of support of creation of new Graduate Admissions group including creation of new website, online inquiry form, online application, reporting, and more.Fall 2014
GREAT Day Annual Scheduling ImprovementsRedesigned GREAT Day submission and calendar processes to provide operational support efficiency. Enhancements also included security improvements. 
Greek/Athletics Donor RollProvided online donor roll to recognize donor contributionsMarch 2015 RestrictionImplemented policy restricting use to websites associated with support of Geneseo mission. 
Housing: Automate housing and meal plan applicationsEnhanced processes that create housing and meal plan applications when a deposit is received to eliminate manual data entry steps and provide better integration with Symplicity 
Housing: Banner/Symplicity Integration EnhancementsProvide better support for semester-to-semester room/meal plan roll-over, special conditions for Townhouses, identify scholars-in-residence in Symplicity, and other miscellanous situations 
Human Resource Website Enhancements

Provided variety of new content and features for HR website including new landing page, new employment section, and new performance management section for UUP employees


I9 Lookup FormImplemented Argos Online I9 form to eliminate need for Banner access for most student worker supervisorsOctober 2014
Library Service Event DatabaseProvided consolidated database of Library services provided to patrons that can be used later for assessment purposes.  This will assist the Library in its ongoing process of assessment and continuous improvement.May 2015
Preferred NameImplemented capability to display a preferred first name for students on "inward facing" web services including knightweb, mycourses, online directory, and others. This initiative has so far been focused on Transgender students for safety reasons, but the program may expand to the entire student population in the future to allow students to be identified on campus by their desired given "first" name.August 2014
Senate Constitution website usabilityImplemented UI improvements for viewing the senate constitution and easier editing for content managers of the site.April 2014
Standup Pledge Submission WorkflowImplemented online standup pledge submission to remove manual steps and improve administrative efficiencyJanuary 2015
 Student Database ProgrammerCIT Student database programmer completed many information system requests including 44 new Argos based reports and several modifications to knightweb. 
Student Web Assistant SupportCIT Student web assistants completed over 250 website projects and requests which includes providing access and training, consulting, web site design, and custom web application development 
Student Onboarding Workflow ImprovementsRedesigned various processes associated with incoming students, access to accounts and resources, acknowledgement of responsibilities, and other processes. 
Test Center Alternate Test Date Request FormOnline form to improve efficiency of submission, approval, and management of alternate test date requestsMay 2014
VentureWorks websiteImplemented website for new VentureWorks entrepreneurial initiativeFall 2014
Dean's Conference websiteImplemented website to support scheduling, registration, and other functions of Dean's conference hosted by Geneseo 
5. Desktop Deployment
Project / Service
Completion Date
Faculty/Staff Munki rolloutAdded the Munki client to 2015 replacements and created a new repository structure to manage versions of software on campus macsJune 2015
In-Place DeploymentCreated a deployment process to process Macs without wiping out the shipped operating system. Thus reducing turnaround timeJune 2015
Lite-Touch Deployment 2015Updated existing drivers to accommodate the new HP devicesJune 2015
SCCM Packaging/DeploymentMore software Packages were created to allow for a more dynamic image creation and deployment processJuly 2015
Student Automation of Faculty/Staff DeploymentsCreated a deployment process and secure location where students, rather than TSPs, are given a custom set of tools to prepare computers for deployment into the fieldMay 2015
6. Software Infrastructure/Maintenance
Project / Service
Completion Date
Admissions 2015 ASC Application Load UpgradeInstalled mandatory annual SUNY Application Service Center software which loads applications.August 2014
Admissions 2015 Common Application Load UpgradeInstalled mandatory annual updates for Common Application automated application load process.August 2014
AppWorx UpgradesUpgraded AppWorx for defects fixes, additional features, and support of Java8.  Provided many new and updated business process flows within AppWorx.  Migrated file deliver method to NFS for improved maintenance and eventual ability to eliminate insecure ftp service. Provided Groovy integration for enhanced programmer productivity.May 2015
Banner Alumni Module UpgradesMandatory upgrades for Alumni moduleJuly 2014
Banner APM 1.1.2 UpgradeProvide new functionality to enhance fund raising analytics reportingJuly 2014
Banner APM EDW/ODS UpgradesRequired for APM upgrade and helped maintain application currency.July 2014e
Banner Document Mgt System (BDM) 8.4/8.5 UpgradeUpgrade provided enhancements and defect fixes.  Requirement for BDM AX v7 upgradeJanuary 2015
BDM Application Xtender 7 UpgradeUpgrade provided enhancements and defect fixes. 
Banner Financial Aid 2015-2016 Aid Year ImplementationBanner software releases and custom processes were installed, developed, configured, and tested toFebruary 2015
Banner Financial Aid 2014 NCAA ReportingMandatory reporting requirement.October 2014
Banner Forms EnhancementsInstalled regular WebLogic software updates, developed new method of forms delivery to avoid expense and support overhead of digitial code-signing certificate, upgraded to support Java8 
Banner Transfer Articulation Catalog CleanupAssisted Registrar office with automating cleanup of the catalog that determines equivalent courses ("transarticulates") from outside institutions to Geneseo courses.Spring 2015
Drupal CMS Database TuningTuned queries related to problem performance areas on home page.  Tuned database in general for overall improved performanceFall 2014
EMS UpdatesApplied EMS release updates and installed EMS API to support AxisTelevision service 
MasterCalendar UpgradeEnhanced features and UI style updatesFall 2014
PointNClick/Banner IntegrationProvided enhancements and resolutions for issues related to integration with PointNClick Electronic Medical Record system and Banner. 
Registrar SupportProvided support during transition to new campus Registrar.Spring 2015
Postgres 9 Database UpgradeNew features, defect fixes, security updates, and clustering.Spring 2015
Netbackup 7.6 UpgradeUpgraded our Netback infrastructure to 7.6 including new features, support for new operating systems, and security fixes 
Puppet Configuration Management RefactorRefactored entire Puppet code base to use much more manageable and extensible methods. This allows us to much more easily roll out changes to all our linux hosts and control them from one central code base that can be backed up and monitored. Puppet is allowing us to manage more servers in less time and to make their configuration much more consistent. 
Major VMWare version upgradesMoved our ESX and View infrastructure to the latest major version, 6.0. Includes many features, security fixes, and big fixes. 
Cisco Call Manager upgradeThe central VoIP call manager was upgraded from 8.6 to 10.5 and a second call manager server was added for resiliency. 
Cisco Unity upgradeThe central voicemail server was upgraded from 8.6 to 10.5. 
Informacast InstallationDue to the wireless interference generated by the mass notification system, we have started a migration to using Informacast as a way to do mass notification with the VoIP infrastructure. The initial setup has been installed in Lauderdale Health Center to allow for emergency notification within the building. 
7. Mobility/Mobile Development/BYOD
Project / Service
Completion Date
CIT Website RedesignThe CIT website was redesigned using a responsive design approach to provide a better experience across both desktop and mobile platforms.  This project was undertaken to gain experience with the technology prior to larger www redesign effort.  The site architecture was also modified substantially to make it easier to locate the most commonly used content.June 2015
Wireless AP deploymentOver the past year, we deployed more wireless access points (APs) and are in the process of upgrading them to support the latest wireless network protocols. 
8. Physical Campus Infrastructure (Storage, Core Network, Wireless Network, Data Center 10GB) 
Project / Service
Completion Date
F5 Load BalancerImplemented F5 Load Balancer for many services including knightweb, XE, and custom web applications 
Physical VMWare infrastructure refreshUpgraded the 10 physical servers running over 250 Virtual Machines. Rolled 2 of the replaced servers out as "lifeboat" stand alone servers for redundancy and fault tolerance. 
Central storage upgradeWe upgraded the central storage system to provide additional storage space and improve service. 
Wireless Network ControllerWe reconfigured the wireless network controllers to be more resilient (Replacing a n+1 configuration with a 2n configuration) 
Stadium Network InstallationAs part of the opening of the new stadium, four new network closets were configured to support wired and wireless connectivity. The aggregation point in Schrader was upgraded to handle the stadium network traffic. 
9. Risk management and information security practices to protect institutional IT resources/data and respond to regulatory compliance mandates 
Project / Service
Completion Date
Database Object AuditCreated audit report on Banner production database to monitor changes to database objects including tables and pl/sql code.December 2015
Drupal CMS Security UpdatesApplied regular security and core functionality updates for Drupal CMS. Helps ensure integrity of the system and repair defects.Ongoing
Header Redirect Security HoleA security hole was discovered in a commonly used technique involving the PHP header function for redirects that resulted in an exploit.  The hole was resolved in multiple locally developed PHP web applicationsNovember 2014
Defined New Group structureNew group structure we are beginning to implement across our infrastructure will allow for more granular service roll out to accounts (such as some accounts only getting wifi access but no other services) as well allow for auditing accounts for what services they are authorized to access. 
Decommissioning of Windows 2003 serversWindows 2003 went end of support from Microsoft on July 14th 2015. We worked to remove as many 2003 server as possible by that date. We have 3 remaining production 2003 servers, all slated to be replaced in the next month.July 2015
Maintained Linux Security patchesUpdated all of our linux servers periodically throughout the year to deal with Security issues and bugs.Ongoing
Windows Patch DeploymentMaintained local server to deploy monthly Microsoft security and bug fix patches and roll them out campus wide to all Windows computers on our domain.Ongoing
Desktop Backup RolloutPurchased and began rolling out a desktop backup solution to college owned computers. 
SnapManager for OracleImplemented new software for creating backups and clones of Oracle databases vastly decreasing the number of steps required making disaster recovery and backups significantly better. 
10. The Internet of Everything
Project / Service
Completion Date
UP Recording SystemWe upgraded the University Police phone recording system to use a networked system for recording dispatch calls. 
Wireless AP upgradesWe are in the process of upgrading the access points to support the latest wireless network protocols. 
Fiber RepairWe repaired some fiber optic cables that are used with the campus fire alarm and energy management systems. 
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