Accomplishments 2013 - 2014

These accomplishments are based on our IT Priorities for 2013-2014

1. Identity Management
Project / Service
Completion Date
CAS ( 3.5.2 UpgradeInstall current version with security enhancements and fixes.  Also implemented clustered solution to improve failover, overall performance, and business continuity.January 2014
Implement CAS for various custom web applicationsImplemented CAS authentication for Books, Book Exchange, Cocurricular Transcripts, and Improves security and reduces support burden caused by LDAP based authentication.Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Student Account Provisioning EnhancementsDesigned new workflow for account provisioning of newly admitted students. It automates steps and also enforces requirements such as "Code of Conduct"Spring 2014
2. Teaching/Learning Environment (Instructional Design, Collaborative Tools, Digital Media, Lecture Capture, LMS)
Project / Service
Completion Date
Implement Ensemble v3.6 and Ensemble PortalThe site is now served as the Ensemble (cloud hosted) portal.  It gives a significantly improved view for visitors.June 2014
Weather Data ArchiveCollect and archive data from campus weather stations for research purposes.

Fall 2013

  • Upgrade v8.8 in August 2013 that included site migration to the Blackboard private cloud
  • Introductory Training sessions held in August 2013 and January 2014
  • Online Instructor Training in April 2014 included newly developed pre-workshop online component
    • 50+ Online courses in Summer 2014
  • Increased focus on Accessibility (508 Compliance)
    •  Attendance in numerous webinar training sessions along with the Office of Disability Services
    • Development and addition of self-help documentation added to website
  • A 50% increase from the prior year for non-Banner related course and group requests
    • AOP requested 12+ courses
    • Finalization of HR Search Process Course
    • HR Student Payroll Instruction Course
    • Campus Auxiliary Services - additional nine courses requested
    • College Advancement 2014-15 College-wide Scholarship course creation and process support
    • Student Association Scholarship course creation and process support
    • International Student Services Orientation Course
    • Undergraduate Research and Travel Grant Program Courses

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


3. Business Intelligence/Analytics/Data Warehouse
Project / Service
Completion Date
Argos ImplementationImplemented Argos reporting suite (EVisions) which improved developer productivity and greatly enhanced reporting delivery options.July/August 2013


4. Campus Business Process Improvements 
Project / Service
Completion Date
Admission Tour UIMake the reservation calendar easier to understand and use. Improvements were also made to the administrative interface used to schedule and manage tours.December 2013
Admissions Application Load 2013-2014 Install, configure, test software to load applications from SUNY ASC and Common Application.August 2013
Admissions Audio TourImplement audio tour for "off hours" visitors who take self-guided tours. The tour allows them to use QR codes with their "Smart Phones" to access audio description of campus facilities.Spring 2014
Admissions Paperless ApplicationsFully automate application processing procedures. Eliminated use of manual and paper based procedures. Greatly improved efficiency of the process, improved customer service by optimizing access to information about the applications, and made it much easier to manage the workflow.Fall 2013
Advancement Activity Processing and Data ExtractsSupports Fund Raising solicitation and student engagement with campus.Spring 2014
Advancement Appeal Data ExtractsSupports Fund Raising solicitation.Fall 2013
Advancement Event RegistrationSupports Fund Raising solicitation and student engagement with campus.Fall 2013
Advancement Prospect Report EnhancementsSupports Fund Raising solicitation.Fall 2013
Advancement Segmentation ProcessingSupports Fund Raising solicitation.Summer 2013
Advancement Telephone UpdatesImplement/execute processes to update telephone numbers on record for alumni 
Advancement Volunteer Initiative - Class Agent Recruitment  
Advancement Volunteer Initiative: Available Prospects for Agents List Specification  
Alumni Make Your Mark Honor Role of DonorsSupports Fund Raising solicitation. 
Alumni Volunteer WebForm EnhancementsThe webform was customized to improve usability and 
BDM Automated IndexingAutomatically store and index transcripts and transfer equivalency worksheets for students which improves efficiency. We also had a large project updating the Common App imaged documents due to a software upgrade from the vendor.Fall 2013
Banner Financial Aid 2014-2014 Aid Year ImplementationBanner software releases and custom processes were installed, developed, configured, and tested toSpring 2014
Financial Aid 14/15 Award LettersImplemented new award letter based on SUNY's implementation of the Federal Shopping sheet.Spring 2014
Banner Financial Aid 2014-2015 QA ProcessingSupport Federally mandated Finaniical Aid testingSpring
Brandbox Redesign for www.geneseo.eduImplemented new brandbox design on 2013
Campus Clarity / Banner IntegrationHealth and Counseling services purchased a hosted web service to help educate incoming students on sexual assault. Data integration was needed to provide email addresses and names.May 2014
College Senate Voting EnhancementsA large number of enhancements were implemented for the College Senate Voting web application.  The improvements included manageability and usability as well as new functionality such as supporting "Staff" or "Administrative Faculty" in elections.Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Deposit Payment ImprovementsImprove usability and reduce errors by automating term selection based on student's application for tuition and housing deposits.April 2014
Directed Study Request FormImplemented online workflow to improve efficiency and accuracy of business process to request and approve directed studies.January 2014
English Alumni Profile WebsiteImplemented website for English department to help collect "stories" from alumnus to help promote the English degreeAugust 2013
Revised websiteMarketing and promotion for Finger Lakes Opera initiative for College CommunicationsJune 2014
Faculty Activity ImprovementsEnhancements to improve usability, completions rates, and administrative reporting.May 2014
Google Site SearchReplaced obsolete Google Search appliance with Google Site search for www search functionalityAugust 2013
In the NewsImplemented new "In the News" feature for www website for marketing and communication.Spring 2013
KnightWeb SSOManagerEnhancements security and identity management and also provides better integration for Banner user interfaces.  It is part of the new XE strategy.March 2013
Knightweb Cascade UIImplemented new Cascade UI which improves navigation and provides new more modern look and feel.March 2013
Library HoursProvides web services to reduce maintenance and improve accuracy of library hours listings within the website.August 2013
License Inventory Management AppImplemented custom web application to help manage Spartan software licenses distributed to studentsJuly 2013
myGeneseo / KnightWeb Forced Survey NotificationsImproved forced survey functionality by presenting to users immediately at login. Added myGeneseo notification of pending surveys.October 2013
myGeneseo Notification for Incomplete Required SurveysImprove completion rates for Code of Conduct, Emergency Condict, Off-campus address surveys and also help reduce impacts to Knightweb access during registration due to holds 
NCAA ComplianceComplete mandatory NCAA reporting for Financial Aid 
Online Research/Travel Grant RequestProvided online workflow to improve the efficiency of managing travel grant requests.May 2014
Orientation Registration Form & eCommerceProvided online form to improve customer service and reduce administrative overhead due to inaccurate submissionsApril 2014
PDEvents Admin - Event RosterImprove efficiency managing Business School Professional Development Events required for graduation.May 2014
Point-N-Click - Implement Immunization Compliance ModuleSupport and integration new module that improves efficiency for the Health Center in managing immunization compliance.Summer 2013
ResLife sl014 Deposit/Appllication ImprovementsEnhanced the process that manages housing deposits to improve staff efficiency.January 2014
Safe Party WebsitePromote awareness of "safe practices" when attending parties (for Health and Counceling).Summer 2013
Study Abroad Program Page RedesignImproving look and feel of Study Abroad program pages.Summer 2013
Symplicity/Banner Data Integration ImprovementsAdd functionality to improve accuracy and staff efficiency (e.g. reducing manual entry in Banner).Fall 2013
What's Your StoryMarketing initiative in www to allow various Geneseo constituents can share their Geneseo story.July 2013
5. Software Infrastructure/Maintenance (Concurrency)
Project / Service
Completion Date
AppWorx 11g UpgradeMandatory upgrade for currencyWinter 2014
Banner Software ReleasesInstalled 47 releases and 226 patches during course of year. 
Banner SmartCall UpgradeCurrencySummer 2013
CAS Blackboard Transact UpgradeBanner and modules that are integrated with Blackboard Transact were updated and tested to support the new software versionAugust 2013
OracleInstalled 14 Oracle patches during the year.  Also migrated many existing applications to Oracle 11g database. 


6. Mobility/Mobile Development/BYOD
Project / Service
Completion Date
WOW Mobile websiteProvide enhanced mobile experience for Weekends of Welcome websiteSummer 2013


7. Physical Campus Infrastructure (Storage, Core Network, Wireless Network, Data Center 10GB)  
Project / Service
Completion Date
WiFi High Availability UpgradesWireless controllers configured to be in a highly redundant state

March 2014

WiFi Newton Upgrade

Installed high density wireless access points to Newton lecture halls

August 2014
WiFi Ice Rink UpgradeInstalled wireless throughout the Ice Rink

May 2014

WiFi Outdoor Spaces Added wireless coverage to the college green, Sturges quad, South quad, Union outdoor seating areaJune 2014
WiFi Steuben UpgradeInstalled additional wireless access points throughout Steuben to provide adequate coverage in lounges and dorm roomsApril 2014
10/100 Switch Upgrades in ResNetReplaced all remaining 10/100 switches in Res Halls with 10/100/1000 switchesApril 2014
ResNet 802.1x DeploymentDeployed 802.1x authentication, requiring all residence hall network users to provide their username and password to access the network. 

Fall 2013

18 Departmental migrations to VoIP

College Union, Dean of College, Disability Services, Student Accts, Geography, Study Abroad, International Student Services

Milne Library, Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Financial Aid, Career Services, Grants and CAS.

2013 - 2014
Residence and Academic House phones85 analog house phones converted to VoIP.June 2014
Virtualization of VoIP and Voice Mail serversCisco UCM and Unity Connect servers moved to VM.Fall 2013
Cisco UCM and Unity OS upgradesUpgrades from Ver. 7.0 to Ver. 8.6Fall 2013
Network Core ReplacementAging network core replaced with current hardware better able to support high-speed (10g/40g/100g) demandsJuly 2013
Border Firewall ReplacementBorder firewall replaced with device that can support high-speed demands and which is better positioned to protect the campus networkJuly 2013
Border Router ReplacementBorder router replaced with device that can support high-speed wide-area-network demandsJuly 2013
Doty Building RehabilitationSwitches, wireless transmitters, and IP-based telephone service installed in the newly rehabilitated Doty HallJuly 2013
Bailey Building RehabilitationSwitches, wireless transmitters, and IP-based telephone service installed in the newly rehabilitated Bailey HallJune 2014
High-Speed SAN ConnectivityHigh-speed (10 gbps) network infrastructure was deployed to support our storage area networkAugust 2013


8. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan updates and testing/Remote off-site location 
Project / Service
Completion Date


9. Bandwidth Management
Project / Service
Completion Date
Exinda Bandwidth OptimizerSystem allows for reservation of bandwidth for critical needs and for prioritization and limiting of bandwidth for other needsMay 2014
10. Security (Assessment, Training, Solutions) and Compliance/Litigation Hold, Document Retention/Storage 
Project / Service
Completion Date
Account audits for AppWorx, Banner, Banner Document MgtRegular audits were performed to ensure access matches job roles and only authorized personnel were provided accessFall 2013, Spring 2014
Banner Data PurgesRegular Banner data purges were performed to comply with document retention policies as well as to manage infrastructure resourcesFall 2014
Banner Student Address Change AuditProvide audit to identify when a student mailing address has been updated by someone other than "authorized" departmentsJune 2014
CIT Internal AuditInternal audit was performed for CIT in conjunction with Bonadio that covered all aspects of CIT operation.Spring 2014
Drupal Security UpdatesImplemented Drupal security updatesSeptember 2013
Open_Basedir for Tilde web server wwwtier2Prevents web processes for ~ websites from accessing files outside their folder. If one site becomes compromised it helps isolate the damage.April 2014
Online Directory Authentication for Student PasswordsStudent Association requested that only people with active Geneseo accounts be able to view student information in the online directory for confidentiality.April 2014
Phishing Promotion on ISECImplemented content on ISEC home page that helps to promoting awareness of  "Phishing" to help reduce accounts being compromised.Fall 2013


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