Accomplishments 2013

These accomplishments are based on our IT Priorities for 2012-2013.

1. Campus Internet Bandwidth
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Upgrade to 650 Mb/sOne of the biggest complaints received by CIT is about our network. Although students complain about the "wireless" network, the root cause is probably our connection to the Internet. At the beginning of the year, we had a 400 Mbps connection. This is approximately the same as eight 50 Mbps RoadRunner Turbo connections, shared by over 3,000 residential students and thousands of off-campus students, staff, and faculty. To help relieve the pressure, we approached our ISP and negotiated a zero-cost upgrade to 650 Mbps.January 2013
Upgrade to 1 Gb/sDuring our negotiations to upgrade our bandwidth to 650 Mbps, our ISP prepared a contract that would provide us with 1 Gbps of bandwidth. Unfortunately, the upgrade has been held up in contract negotiations with OGS and the Attorney General.In process
100 Mb/s link to SyracuseTo activate the disaster recovery site in Syracuse, we needed to reroute our Internet2 connection from Rochester. Originally, we had a 25 Mbps connection to the NYSERNet POP in Rochester. We upgraded the connection to 100 Mbps to accommodate the Internet2 traffic and off-site backups to the DR site.December 2012
2. Physical Campus Infrastructure
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
NetApp MetroCluster upgradeThe disks in our main storage array had been running non-stop for over five years. This year, we upgraded the entire disk array to replace the old disks, trays, and disk controllers. In this upgrade, we added some solid-state disks and flash cache which improved performance dramatically.November 2012
NetApp VDI Storage upgradeIn an effort to improve the virtual lab experience, we replaced the auxiliary storage array with a new one that is optimized for a virtual desktop infrastructure. The new VDI storage array has solid-state disks and flash cache which provides increased throughput for the virtual lab machines.November 2012
Core Network upgradeVendor support for our campus core switches ended and we replaced them with updated technology. The new core switches have improved controllers (supervisors) and chassis backplanes. We also upgraded the cores to handle more 10 Gbps Ethernet connections.June 2013 (July 4th, 2013)
Data Center 10 Gb networkWe upgraded the dedicated data center network to one that can support 10 Gbps. This provides faster access between virtual machines and the NetApp storage arrays.January 2013
Wireless Network upgradeThe wireless network in North Village buildings (Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Ontario, Wyoming) was deficient in some areas. We added a number of access points in these buildings to enhance the wireless network deployment. We also have replaced all of the old 802.11 a/b/g access points with 802.11n access points.August 2012
Additional memory for VM infrastructureWe added additional RAM to the virtual machine infrastructure. Each ESX host now has 192 GB of RAM, which allows for additional VM capacity.September 2012
Cisco Firewall ReplacementWe replaced the firewall that resides in one of the core switches with an external firewall. This will provide better performance and enhanced features.March 2013
Cisco Internet RouterDue to the upgrade to our Internet connection, we needed to replace the campus Internet router.August 2012
Flooding in BrodieDue to a water main break in Brodie, flooding damaged our network equipment. We had to replace the switches and UPS.August 2012
Flooding in Big TreeDue to a flood in the Big Tree restaurant, we replaced network equipment.February 2013
SUNYnet router replacementThe router that handles network traffic with other SUNY sites was replaced.October 2012
Nexus 1000v VMware virtual switchesWe installed Nexus 1000v virtual switches in our VMware cluster to provide a more resilient network infrastructure for the virtual machines. The Nexus 1000v switches virtualize the network connections for VMs and allows easier migrations between ESX hosts.March 2013
Network installation in Monroe HallNew network equipment was installed in Monroe Hall, due to its renovation.January 2013
Network installation in Doty HallNetwork equipment has been installed in Doty for the upcoming move of departments.June 2013
3. Teaching/Learning Environment (Instructional Design, Collaborative Tools, Digital Media, Lecture Capture, LMS)
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
  • Training sessions in August, January, and April
  • 50+ Online courses in Summer 2013
  • Transitioned paper process for multiple entities on campus
  • Assisted with production of HR Search Process Course
  • Campus Auxiliary Services - created eight student Dining Hall employee groups and provided one on one training for group editor
  • College Advancement 2013-14 College-wide Scholarship course creation and process support
  • Student Association Scholarship course creation and process support
  • EHS "Science Lab Safety" proposed courses
  • Manual creation of AOP Tutoring courses and enrollment additions
    •  Summer 2012 -eight courses
    •  Fall 2012- two courses
    •  Spring 2013 - one course
Digital Media LabDML check-out services running smoothly from the Library Circulation desk now. Close collaboration with service desk keeping things on track.
  • The Second Annual Geneseo Insomnia Film Festival consisted of 19 registered teams. Both screenings were well attended, collaboration with GREAT Day is an element we will continue. further information can be found at
  • EnsembleVideo is our new, cloud based, media hosting system. Joe undertook the migration of media from the old media server and is working to bring all new content into this system. Information can be found at examples of the playlist can be found at
  • COA Regional Forum held on March 19th, 2013. Guests from other local campuses were invited to discuss various aspects of operating a Digital Media Lab.

Training for the campus community in classroom setting and one-on-one.

BigBlueButton Video Conferencing SystemWe installed an open-source videoconferencing system called BigBlueButton. Similar to AdobeConnect and GotoMeeting, BigBlueButton provides a way for people to share multiple video streams. It has been used a few times to bring in outside speakers and online office hours.July 2012
Ensemble Cloud Video Streaming ServiceIn order to migrate from our aging streaming server, we selected a cloud solution to provide streaming media service. Ensemble was recommended by a couple of our colleagues at the SUNY Technical Conference.August 2012
Confluence upgrades

Over the past year, we have upgraded the Confluence wiki system ( Through these upgrades, we have improved the stability and usability of the wiki. Some key enhancements are:

  • Templates
  • Other cool things

4.3 October 2012

5.0.2 March 2013

5.1 June 2013

4. Business Intelligence/Analytics/Data Warehouse
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
APM 1.1.1
  • Improved stability and reduced support overhead for product.
  • Improved product functionality 
July 2012
Argos Reporting EvaluationEvaluated and recommended purchase of Argos reporting tool from EVisions to provide campus with advance reporting and analytic capabilities.  The tool comes with an enterprise license that is unlimited in terms of users and databases.January 2013
Provosts Staff ReportsProvided online access to Provost Staff members for various Banner production reports to enhance decision making.Summer 2012
SIRIS UpgradesThe SIRIS Institutional Reporting system requires many mandatory patches and releases to remain current with institutional, SUNY, federal, and state reporting requirements.2012-2013
5. Mobility/Mobile Development/BYOD
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Additional Wireless DeploymentThe wireless network in North Village buildings (Allegany, Erie, Genesee, Ontario, Wyoming) was deficient in some areas. We added a number of access points in these buildings to enhance the wireless network deployment.August 2012
Make "Weeks of Welcome (WOW)" and Union more mobile friendlyRedesigned various aspects of websites to improve viewer experience from mobile devices. 
Mobile Website Strategy
  • Researched mobile strategies.
  • Recommended "responsive design" approach for WWW.
  • Initiated "proof-of-concept" project.
Winter 2012 and ongoing
Upgrade to 300 Mbps wireless access pointsIn addition to adding access points in the North Village buildings, we were able to fund the replacement of old access points with new access points that are capable of up to 300 Mbps. (802.11n)June 2013
Directional Wireless antennae in MilneWe installed directional wireless antennae in Milne to reduce the crosstalk between access points and focus the wireless signals.February 2013
Wireless printing evaluationIn an effort to enable wireless printing from laptops and mobile devices, we have investigated a number of programs. Unfortunately, we have not found a 100% effective solution yet.Spring 2013
gPrintWe have installed a system that allows people to print to a "cloud printing" queue and release their print jobs at central print locations (South 225, Union COPA, Milne).Spring 2013
6. Security (Assessment, Training, Solutions)
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Banner Account AuditCreation, management, and control of Banner accounts for student workersJune 2013
Banner Off-Hours Login Audit for Student WorkersProvide audit report showing student workers who login off-hoursSummer 2012
Banner Security Class AuditsAudited, reviewed and updated Banner security class access for number of users including student workers, Admissions, Dean's Office, Registrar, Athletics, Dean of Students, and several others.2012-2013
CAS SSO for Microsoft eAcademyImproved authorization and usability for students, faculty and staff to the campus's Microsoft licensed products.Summer 2012
Password Policy Change

Implemented password syncing between Geneseo systems and Google.
All Geneseo faculty, staff, students, and retirees are required to change their password every 180 days.
New passwords must meet complexity requirements.

October 2012
Locked Unused Knightweb Self-Service AccountsImplemented new policy and locked thousands of unused accounts.May 2013
Reduced PHP AccessReduced PHP access by 50% from personal web sites where it was no longer required greatly reducing risk in events where accounts are compromised.May 2013
7. Identity Management/Federation
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
DegreeWorks SUNY-wide implementationProvided Banner integration, Single Sign-On, and secure access for SUNY-wide implementation of Banner DegreeWorksSpring 2013
uid number migrationMoved people with low "uid" numbers to a higher range to reduce problems with logins and other services.October 2012
Google password synchronizationTo simplify the migration of Geneseo email services to Google, we enabled password synchronization between Geneseo and Google. Password changes on our systems are automatically made on Google servers.October 2012
Forgot password/password reset applicationTo enhance our customer service, we created a Web application that allows people to reset their own password using private personal information. We also added a feature that helps people create more secure passwords that adhere to the new password complexity policy.October 2012
8. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan updates and testing/Remote off-site location
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Milne network gear connected to generatorTo improve the resiliency of the network in Milne, we have connected key network switches to the building generator.March 2013
Improved backup/recovery procedures for Banner related production databasesImplemented significantly improved backup/recovery procedures utilizing Oracle and VMWare technologiesWinter 2013
Fire suppression system installationTo improve the survivability of our critical IT infrastructure, we are in the process of installing a fire suppression system in Erwin 1 (phone switch room), Erwin 2 (fiber optic cable nexus), Erwin 11 (secondary data center), and South 130B (primary data center).June 2013
NetBackup upgrade/installationWe upgraded the backup system to NetBackup 7.5 and added NetBackup appliances.July 2012
Uninterruptible Power Supplies in all data closetsAs we migrate phone service to VoIP, it is necessary for all network data closets to have emergency power during outages. Some buildings have generators while others require a battery-powered power supply to maintain network connections during brief outages.June 2013
NYSERNet disaster recovery site in SyracuseTo reduce the amount of manual intervention for off-site backups, we contracted with NYSERNet for a remote data center. We have a third of a rack in Syracuse where we have equipment that provides some DR/BC functionality and a remote data storage appliance for off-site backups.Spring 2013
"Lifeboat" VMware ESX serversInstalled two VMware ESX servers to consolidate critical services hosted on physical machines.July 2012
9. Banner 9 Migration (Training, infrastructure)
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Banner Forms 11gUpgraded to Forms11g running on WebLogic Application serverJune 2013
Migrate FMCalc Java Application  to WebLogic server.Required to maintain supported vendor configuration.Spring 2013
Picture Class Roster Photo PerformanceUtilized Banner 9 Grails Technology to deliver new version with significantly improved performance.  This also provided training opportunity with Grails technology.October 2012
University Police Student Information PageProvide University Police staff a web based tool to access student information to aid in performing their duties.October 2012
10. Compliance/Litigation Hold, Document Retention/Storage
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Banner Data Purges
  • Compliance with document retention policy
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Purges were implemented in several Data areas including: Account audit, Admissions, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Recruiting, Alumni Prospects/Interests, Transcript requests
BDM/Xtender Purge for Admissions Documents
  • Compliance with document retention policy
  • Reduced storage costs
June 2012
11. Other
Project / ServiceNotesCompletion Date
Puppet Installation and Configuration  
Gmail @ Geneseo

On April 1, 2013 Gmail@Geneseo became the exclusive email service for Geneseo account holders. Users were able to claim their Gmail account beginning January 1, 2013. All remaining accounts were automatically directed to Gmail by CIT on April 1.

Gmail@Geneseo takes advantage of Gmail’s gigabytes of storage, highly effective spam filtering and powerful search while still retaining address.

April 1, 2013
Admissions BDM Report Manager (Auto-indexing) for Common App documents
  • Provide automatic indexing and storage for all common app documents within BDM/Xtender.
  • Admissions scans and indexes over 20,000 Common Application documents per year comprising 127,000 pages.  They conservatively estimated it saves 422 person hours  (or 10.5 person weeks) per year.
Winter 2013
Admissions BDM Report Manager (Auto-indexing) for Financial Aid Award Letters.
  • Eliminates manual scanning and indexing of award letters into BDM imaging system.
  • Financial Aid estimates the generate approximately 5,500 award letters each year.  Prior to report manager, they could not keep up with manually scanning and indexing of these letters so most of them did not get indexed into BDM/Xtender.



May 2013

Admissions BDM Report Manager (Auto-indexing) for Loan Disbursement Letters

  • Eliminates manual scanning and indexing of loan disbursement letters into BDM imaging system.  The office indexes approximately 6,000 load disbursement letters annually.
June 2013
Advancement Services Annual Fund SolicitationCampaign fund raising data analysis and management.August 2012
Advancement Services Prospect GroupsCampaign fund raising data analysis and management.August 2012
Advancement Services Reusable Data ViewsCampaign fund raising data analysis and management.Summer 2012
Advancement Services Interests and AffinitiesCampaign fund raising data analysis and management.Summer 2012
Advancement Services Constituent Segmentation ManagementCampaign fund raising data analysis and management.July 2012
Advancement - Volunteer NetworkImplemented and customized Banner module allowing Advancement to manage volunteers who recruit donors amongst fellow alumni.  The component is implemented within Knightweb (Banner SSB) and allows volunteers to access constituent information and communicate results.Spring 2012
Alumni - Online Donor WallHonor Roll of donors to give recognition to those who have contributed to college campaign.Winter 2012
Banner Financial Aid 2013-2014 Aid Year Implementation and support
  • Mandatory regulation and compliance, loan processing, and other.
  • In addition, to the vendor software release and testing, many supporting programs and data analysis requests are required to implement this process each year.


March 2013
Banner Financial Aid 2013-2014 QA ProcessingMandatory Quality Assurance (required by Fed).Spring 2013
Banner SSB Knightweb Course Search EnhancementsImproved usability.Fall 2012
Banner SUNY Financial Aid Award Letter (Shopping Sheet)Allows applicants to more accurately compare packages offered by different institutions.June 2012
Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) Website updates.Implemented new template pages and provided other website enhancementsFall 2012
Campus Events PageImplemented campus events "splash" page integrated with EMS and Master Calendar products to give Geneseo community better visibility to events happening on campus.Summer 2012
Co-curricular Transcript Enhancements
  • Various enhancements to improve staff ability to manage transcripts and users.
  • Usability enhancements for students
Docuware Integration with HR Employee Data
  • Docuware Imaging software (from Toshiba) provides efficient storage/retrieval of employee related documents.
  • Provided integration to facilitate efficiency and accurate indexing of documents.
Spring 2013
Drupal security patches and core upgradesApplied patches and releases on quarterly basis.2012-2013
Emergency Notification ManagementModified to utilize emergency notifications initiated within www via drupal.  This allows emergency team to initiate notification in single location but have it displayed in both websites (www and my.geneseo).Spring 2013
EMS (Event Management System) Application and Database upgradeUpdates Dean Evans EMS and Master Calendar products to latest versions including upgrade of SQLServer database to SQLServer 2012.Spring 2013
Student Code of Conduct
  • Redesigned code of conduct affirmation to enhance understanding of code by students.
July 2013
Geneseo Insomnia Film Festival
  • Provided technology support for submissions, video creation and hosting, voting and other facets of the Insomnia Film Festival to support student creativity.
Spring 2013
GOLD Website Enhancements
  • Dynamic workshop schedule - customer usability.
  • Implemented website template to reduce work required for changes that impacted all pages on the site - staff efficiency.
Fall 2012
  • Submission forms
  • Great Day scheduler
  • Poster request forms.
  • The requests improved staff ability to effectively manage the Great Day event and also enhance the experience for Great Day attendees and participants.
April 2013 usage statisticsDeveloped monthly usage statistics reports to help management of the serviceSummer 2012
NCATE AssessmentProvide programming and data analysis required to pass the NCATE assessment review.Fall 2012
Residence Life Batch Room AssigmentProvided program to import room assignments from spreadsheetSummer 2012
Senate Voting Enhancements
  • Enhanced to support staff based elections and positions for CAS Board.
  • Allow administrator to purge old elections.
Winter 2013
SOFI Enhancements
  • Several report enhancements and corrections.
  • Modified processing schedule to improve student participation.
  • Support multiple instructors per course.
  • Implemented several features to improve communication with students/instructors and with instructor management of SOFIs.
Symplicity Residence Banner Data IntegrationProvided two-way data integration with Symplicity Residence hosted service.  Symplicity significantly improved Residence Life efficiency and also provided enhanced service to students.Spring 2013
Time-Off Accurals - FurloughsImplemented mandatory contract related changes associated with time-off accrual processingFall 2012
Video Hosting Support
  • Provided Ensemble video hosting service for large video requirements.
  • Provided technical and operational support for Ensemble.
  • Provided video hosting recommendations and instructions.
WeComply Integration with HR Employee Data
  • WeComply is hosted service that provides cost-effective delivery of online training and certification for campus policy and/or employee skills.
  • Provided automated integration with employee database to provide efficiency maintenance of WeComply employee database for Geneseo staff.


Spring 2013
Point-n-Click installation for LauderdaleOver the year, we have been working on an installation of Point-n-Click. Point-n-Click provides the Health Center with software that assists with student health record management. Due to HIPPA compliance, we have had to make changes in the way the network is configured.2012-2013
ElasticSearch/Logstash installationDue to the rising maintenance cost of Splunk, a logging system, we investigated open-source alternatives. We found a replacement and have successfully replaced Splunk with ElasticSearch and Kibana.November 2012
OpsView Enterprise System MonitoringWe have installed a new monitoring system which enables us to analyze trends and provide enhanced notification.March 2013
Voice over IP (VoIP) phone replacements

We have converted the following departments to VoIP:

  • Admissions
  • President's Office
  • Provost's Office
  • Advancement
Cisco Call Manager upgradeWe upgraded the Call Manager system.January 2013
Cisco VoiceMail Manager upgradeWe upgraded the Voicemail system with larger hard drives and to a later version of the software.June 2013
VMware ESX/VCenter upgradeWe upgraded the ESX hosts to the latest version, as well as the vCenter management server.Feb 2013
Roundcube/Exim upgradeWe upgraded the local Geneseo mail system in the beginning of the academic year.July 2012
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