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On April 21, CIT will be installing a new version of Banner Web Self-Service (aka KnightWeb). Our vendor has codenamed this release "Cascade". Cascade completely overhauls the styling of the screens with a more modern look and also introduces new navigation and search options. Even thought the visual style of the screens is updated, the functionality on individual KnightWeb screens will not be changed.

The Cascade theme provides Web 2.0 functionality within Banner Self-Service. This theme adds rich user interaction to KnightWeb such as auto complete functionality, button mouse-over state changes and in page refreshes.

  • The page hierarchy is now provided on a page by page basis through the use of a breadcrumb trail. A breadcrumb trail is a popular way to give end-users a way to keep track of their locations within Banner Self-Service.

  • A back button is provided next to the breadcrumb trail that uses the Back Link URL.

  • With the Cascade Theme applied, Banner Self-Service provides a more robust way in the which the end-user can navigate throughout the system. Through in page menu refreshes the end-user no longer has to go from one page to another, but has the navigation brought into the page they are currently viewing.

  • The “Search” feature in Banner Self-Service is more accurately depicted in Banner Self-Service as “Find a Page”. The new “Find a Page” functionality allows the user to type a few characters and automatically retrieve those pages that best match without ever having to leave the page. 

The timing of this upgrade falls after the completion of advance registration and a few weeks prior to final grading. Please contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 with any questions.

Click on each of the pictures below to see a larger version. 
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